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[ The Art of the Drop Offer ]
The Workshop




LESSON:  The Art of the Drop Offer

 The art of people being like “Oh My God, I want it”
               FB Post or live
               If you don’t have this vision, it’s not working for you!

 Drop Offer – a specific thing (people struggling with) and you just DROP IT
               Need to make extra cash money
A feeling – go with your gut
What does your audience need?  What are you seeing?
Can be inspired by your current larger programs

 Make the drop offer very specific.  Niche down. Be so specific about a specific thing.
Make it a journey
Learn a specific skill of “how to make money right now” – get to the other side and be crystal clear
Ex: People struggling with something in their lives and you continue to cycle but cannot break through this one thing.  You are done.  You are so done.  And you are exhausted.  But you still cannot get yourself to the other side.
Practice taking them from “I can’t handle this” to “Oh My God yes.”

Focus on THEM (their thoughts, words, feelings… why they are doing what they are doing, why it’s not working, what will work and why)

OWN YOUR GIFT (stop, tune in to hear… but can I help them… I’m your MF girl)

This skill on how to get to the other side they would breakthrough any habit they ever had.
               Focus on my clients  – “I see you”
My belief in myself.  I know if you come to me for this thing. I’m your girl! 

 The energy that you write your drop offer in, is the energy they will feel when they read it.  I feel it from her.
Owning my skill

 Help them to understand this is a smart move.  Right now I should do this.
You’re doing this stuff over here and you think you are going to break through but you aren’t. And this is why this is happening.  Do this work over here to get the result that you want.
This is something I should do right now.

 The 3 Steps:
               Interrupting them in the conversation. Helping them feel known.  Oh my god she gets it
               Yup, that is what I need right now  Oh my god, this makes so much sense. – Aha moment – Oh Fuck moment
I want that! I want those results, breakthroughs, etc.

 Raise the bar
               Identify yourself as a leader
               Do not make the assumption they will not pay the price for the program
               Do not be afraid to fail publicly
Speak to them like they are powerful

 There are NO RULES for a drop offer
Tune into your body. Connect your head to your heart and visualize them coming to you!  Trust your instincts

 Tune into them, get off yourself.
               Be intentional and specific
               Create an avenue for the energy to flow
Price does not matter – ENERGY matters

 Make decisions and back them with the most amount of clarity. When you are the most inspired, clear, and empowered.
               Capture that person at that specific moment for that specific offer. 

 Having the offer ready the moment your clients are ready to step into the work.
               Make it ready and available to them when they are having that moment.



 What drew you into this workshop? 

 Tune into your body.  Connect your head to your heart and visualize them coming to you.  Can you help them? 

 RESEARCH: If you do not know why your clients are experiencing what they are experiencing…go study!!! Research why they are doing this.
               What was it like for me?  What did I struggle with?  What did I need to understand to get to the other side?
Having conversations with your clients.
What are the general frustrations of people in general?

 The things you want to feel are – I am off of myself and see the human beings in front of you. Let God flow shit to you and release that tension.

 Have the offer ready for them at that specific moment.  What does that offer look like?

 Tips and Tricks Training



 Shit didn’t work for me because I had success. 

 Reach out and grab it!

 My belief in myself.  I know if you come to me for this thing. I’m your girl! 

 I will own that energy of “that’s not happening anymore.”  We get to break through that! 

 I just accepted it for what it was. I accept my weaknesses.  I can’t be perfect.  It’s going to take growth.  I own my gifts. 

 99% of the time when something doesn’t make sense is because something was off!
               Why? Why this? Why that?  This doesn’t make sense

 When you are trying to break yourself through something it is not sustainable. Put your energy and attention into the process. 

 People are contributing to the problem and making it worse.  

 You must be able to take people through the process. We go first.  We create that path and how to know how to have people walk that path.  It has to be transferrable. Understand why they are experiencing what they are experiencing. 

 Move from the excuses to taking action. No, I cant to yes I fucking want that. I’m moving forward and pushing the button.  EMPOWER them! Wake them up to see the reality.  Aha moments. Remove the blocks from stopping them from backing themselves.  Create the avenue for them to take themselves where they take action.

 When you have made a decision, its an action to back.  It’s not a fleeting feeling in your body.  A decision is you backed it.  I decided.  There is evidence/action taken.  When I am giving my offer – this is what I know.
               At the moment, that you have the most amount of clarity. I see it. That fog is going to come back.  Clarity does not last forever.
When I talk to my people, my job is to wake you the fuck up.  Get you to see.  Make you see that oh fuck moment.

 I get to keep thriving and expanding and everything works out for me. When I back myself, taking massive action in those moments, I have a better life. All the amazing things just keep happening. 

 Tune into your people (i.e. feedback).

 Learn how to trust that everything is okay.  And will remain okay.  Nothing back is coming.  I can focus on the people in front of me and serve. The art of being present with your people.



 We will always do what we want.

 My belief in myself.  I know if you come to me for this thing. I’m your girl! 

 I’m done with them having this experience.  I’m done. 

 Reach through the fog and yank them out.  This isn’t working. 

 Yes, so much yes. That is exactly what I want.

 Runner’s high to keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing it. 

 This is what it feels like on the other side.

 Be bold.  Own your shit.

 Don’t go and regurgitate and become someone else.  Pick up the skills. Learn the gift of teaching and speaking.

 Yup, I’m fking doing this. I’m all in.  I’m moving. I’m taking action.  Take the action to do the damn thing.

 My energy is helping you to wake the fuck up as to why something is happening.  Get inside your head.  To shake you and wake you up.  Remove the roadblocks and resistances to make the empowered decision. 

 Making investments in myself.  I am taking action to back myself. That has changed my life. 

 My purpose in life is to help people unfuck their thinking so they don’t feel trapped. Support you and help you move forward with your new level of clarity.

 Horse Reference: On the goal.  Going Going Going.  You don’t see anything, you don’t hear anything.  You don’t fucking care and there is a whip on your ass.  




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