A RAW, BEHIND THE CURTAIN experience for the powerful leader determined to reach your BIG GOALS NOW so you can SERVE your people more powerfully than ever before!


“It’s ok if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.” C.W.

I am about to do one of the scariest things I have ever done in my business… and no matter how confident I appear, I assure you I am wondering if I have lost my mind. 




I am about to let you into the private areas of my world.
No curtains, no secrets, no holding back. 

You are going to have a rare chance to see exactly how to get back on track when you have gotten off course.. or have found that you up-leveled so quickly you got lost. 

I have done this many times, but this process has always been private.. naturally. No one publicly gets to see this side of mentors lives for obvious reasons… until now.

I asked myself ONE question… “What is my greatest gift to the world?” The answer was very easy to find.


The next question that came to me was..

“Well what if you took it to the next level Mandy? What would it look like to call yourself to a level of truth telling that wasn’t EASY?”


ok soul. ok…

The truth?

Behind rapid success is a wild journey of:
Wins and fails.
Launches and stalls.
Discipline and temper tantrums.

Money falling from the sky and dry spells.

Often times we tell ourselves… it’s no big deal.
We LIE to ourselves about the consequence of doing life at 60%.
We pretend our loved ones, kids, clients, and bodies don’t take a hit from our refusal to show up OUR VERY BEST.


The pain of going to bed knowing we did not keep our word to ourselves… the pain of waking up with the weight of yesterdays responsibilities becomes greater than the pain of change.

OR… We TELL THE TRUTH, stop hiding, and get our ass seated at the table with people who are telling the same kind of truth, freeing themselves and choosing to BE IN INTEGRITY WITH WHO THEY CHOOSE TO BE.

In this course – you will be called to sit at the most powerful table you have ever been called to sit at.

At this table we:

Tell the WHOLE truth.
We hide nothing, and I do mean nothing. NOTHING get’s to have power over you WITHOUT YOUR EXPRESSED SAY SO.

This means we say what we are going to do openly, and then we call in accountability to DO IT. We are our word, and our word is STONE.

Water, sleep, sweat, fuel. YOU FIRST. Period. If it takes 6 months for us to make this part of our routine.. then that’s worth every single second of the 6 months. It’s just that important. WHATEVER must be worked through to achieve this is what it is.

Soul guidance

  If you are not living from the heart, you are bored, alone, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, frantic, and speeding past all of the good stuff that brings DEEP JOY AND PEACE.


  To be present with those we love is LOVE.

Purpose work

  When we are 95, can we close our body’s eyes to rest with a big shit-eating grin on our face, reveling in our time spent here?

We set HUGE GOALS, and then we reach them.
We do it UNTIL. Period.

We have a TON OF FUN.
Ease is about BEING and we can BE as we want to be. We choose who we want to be, and then we enjoy being here. IS THERE ANY GREATER JOY? woohoo!!!!

and I have absolutely had enough. I have been called to more and I have thrown my temper tantrum and now I choose to obey, I choose to RISE.

I made a 6-figure investment, knew I’d have to grow into a new level of me in order to make the investment work, and then threw a big huge temper tantrum for 10 weeks.

I was at a loss as to how to breakthrough.
Massive healing and up-leveling were happening… but NOT THE BREAKTHROUGH I DESIRED.

I had never been this committed yet still not had the breakthrough I desired. I felt 100% committed to learning how to serve my kids, my family, YOU, eventually a new man in my life & the WORLD. 100% committed to listening to my soul guidance, my instincts, and creativity.


This inability to align with my new level for 10 straight weeks INCLUDED.

“You do not go from welfare making $400  a week for 10 years as a nanny with NO BUSINESS experience to running a global $1.6MM company in 3 short years without lots of falling on your face!”  – Mandy Perry 

This is NOT the first time it has happened, it is, however, the first time I am called to offer this journey to you.

What is going to happen when I open up EVERYTHING to you in this group? I have no idea. All I know is this is what I have been called to do, and my GOD… I would have been OVER THE MOON excited to have a mentor do something like this with me.

My ego says hell no, my heart and soul say – all in.

As we push through the levels of growth we ascend to higher levels of success – which also bring GREATER CHALLENGES.

Of course.. as the HEIGHTS get greater.. the falls get greater, too… and NO ONE is going to grow without ever being off track. If you never fall down, you are not living to your potential and will get EVEN greater value through this process.



It’s not easy to admit falling down.

It’s certainly not easy to open up to the public and tell a raw honest truth about the details… but if that’s what it takes for me to break through, that’s what it takes. #whateveritactuallytakes

We can focus on what bad could happen… or get REALLY excited about what good may go right.

We embrace reality & deal with it.
This can be a wildly FUN journey.. and at this table… IT IS GOING TO BE!

This is a journey of RISING UP #together
Absolutely nothing standing in our way of reaching our goals.
Living in integrity with our greatest self.

This is NOT about reaching the goal to reach the goal.
You will make millions, you will impact even more and you will change the world… with or without my raw call to you.

This is so much bigger.
THIS… is about BEING in integrity with who you are called to be NOW. It is not going to be any easier tomorrow. It’s not going to happen ALONE, we were NEVER ever meant to do this alone.

And if the way you think and operate now hasn’t gotten you the results yet, it’s not magically going to.


Me, you and a tribe of unbelievable people who never stop striving for greatness so leave their legacy with this world.

Every single day in this course is going to change you on a cellular level. You are not going to recognize the human staring back at you in the mirror.


There are no coincidences.
If you have felt called to RISE to your next levels with self-accountability, love, service, and bravery…



These training replays will EACH change you on a cellular level. This is a transformation & EXPERIENCE… not a lesson.

Live Q&A replays- Access to every question and the answer.

Personal workbook with notes to help you maximize your results.

Because we LOVE to OVER over-deliver at Mandy Perry Inc… surprise BONUSES are available in the member area!


I am going to open EVERYTHING to you.
I am going to go LIVE every single day to show you everything.

How I use failures and wins and all things REAL LIFE to create powerful programs that transform lives.
How I create blogs and videos AUTHENTICALLY with ease that SELL while I give massive value. (I’ve sold $40k off of a single blog doing this. It’s not something I can tell you… I will SHOW you)
How I always have clients, since day 1 (even when I fall on my face!)
Why and how just doing what I desire brings me organic growth rapidly.
How I handle the business slowing way down and losing momentum.
How I fix things when I have mucked them up.
My finances
How I schedule
My goals & how I always reach them. ALWAYS.
My failures/ wins
How I do single mom while running global company & doing a world tour.
What I am learning in the 6-figure program I am in (This alone is UNBELIEVABLE)
My morning and evening routine.
How I run my business while I travel
My weight, nutritional and fitness up-level to sustain the new level
How I get to have FUN. even when sh*t is hitting fan in a big way.

And.. of course.. anything on the planet you desire to know.
Every question gets answered.


Every time I up level rapidly I wobble, stumble.. sometimes fall & freakout.. then brush myself off, get back up, dig my heels in and crush life.


Every time I up-level I move BACKWARDS first. Then RISE rapidly.

Currently, I am in the fall backward swing I’ve been in so many times. It’s ALWAYS scary, and ALWAYS worth it.

You will get to see exactly how I RISE to my next level in ALL areas in this program… all 100% recreate-able.

The wisdom of how to RISE: scale rapidly IN INTEGRITY with ease is priceless.


IT’S TIME TO RISE and show yourself what you are truly made of.





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I’m celebrating currently going through the squeeze and embracing the new version me, bringing awareness to the old and instilling the foundation for the new (me) to arrive.

Kimberly Radke


I worked really hard on a masterclass today and then delivered it via livestream. I’m super happy with it and even with how I shared my offer at the end. That’s the part that is challenging for me, that I don’t have many followers to impact, but I’m going to continue to promote the offer like crazy over the next few days.. that’s what will be different this time, I will promote my offer like crazy and with certainty, I won’t slow down.. I’m celebrating that in advance!

Niamh Dee


I’m celebrating collaborating with another entrepreneur this week to expand our audiences and work together on a future project! I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone and plan to continue to do so from here forward!

Kristen Robins


Celebration is a big piece of my NEW me, the”upleveling” me. Two things to share that happened in the past 24 hours. 1. I got a message from Amazon alerting me to my first commission check for my recently published novel. 2. I got a response to my email to havee a professional book review team consider my book and they said YES! What is more important than these 2 outcomes is the steps I had to take, the soul prompting I had to follow to allow them into my life. That is the real celebration for me.

Karen Lopez


Oh glory! My heart is pounding out of my chest! I just received an email inviting me to have a Life & Enneagram Coaching talk and several breakout workshops at a spring retreat for a local university. What!?!?!? I’m so curious that my initial, split-second reaction was “I’ll tell them I’m busy. How could I be ready for that?” Then I started laughing outloud! This is my dream. Truly! I’m usually not nervous about speaking opportunities, but this one stretches me outside my comfort zone. Then I heard about you, Mandy Perry, talking about expanding and being in integrity with ourselves! Yes, absolutely, yes, I would love to do this! My nerves are a sign of this stretching, expanding, stepping into my mission!

Heidi Zendt Hochstetler


I love this! I’m learning so much…thank you

Ruthie Zayas-Lisboa


My cup is overflowing with alllll the Genius you’ve been downloading to us

Kathryn Gleason


my favorite part of this chapter in my story, I hired my dream coach, Mandy Perry!!!! It all began with saying a big “HELL YES” to her new “Monetize Your Journey/$500k Year” Program. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but all I can say is, WOW!!!! When I enrolled, I got access to 30 of her most powerful programs AND a live group program for Q&A!!!!!! Within just a few weeks of working with her in this particular program, I made such massive moves in my life/business that I became one of Mandy’s DIAMOND MASTERMIND clients!!!!! This has been my dream for 3 years!!!!! The amount of value in her MYJ/$500k Year has helped me beyond what I imagined. All the programs I have drooled over for the last 3 years are literally at my fingertips! I am not writing this as a brag on my accomplishments, but as a brag on HERS! The amount of value that she is offering still kinda blows my mind, if I am honest. She is literally showing you how she went from welfare to a million-dollar company!!!! If you are struggling to push into full time coaching or are at a stuck point in your business, I can’t even begin to tell you how this could change your world!

Kari DeWitt


Those who have been with me have watched the transformation over and over in each area of my life. What you didn’t know was the falling backwards that happens before the RISE. Now you have a chance to do it with me… side by side.


It’s my honor to do this with you.




I love you
Mandy xx




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