Absolute power over WILL, for the creative genius that knows they need to calm the f* down & finally BE the truest, most powerful version of themselves. 


You have a limitless, resilient, INFINITE soul inside of you, a knowing, a power… that is quite literally, unstoppable. 

But to access it, you have to get out of your own way. 



This is for you if you desire:


Peace of mind – ease – flow
Actual overflows of money – not just generating a lot, but KEEPING it
To feel you have all the time in the world to be, learn, love & heal
To know you are actually creating the BEST of you
Decisiveness with certainty
To follow through with what you decide
Sustained focus
Organization to the mad genius in you
Organization in your business
The end of self- sabotage no matter how many times you have tried and failed
To feel like doing the things that get you what you want
Have control over impulses
Have a clear mind to actually ACT on your creative instincts
Accelerated results in all areas, mastering one at a time in rapid sequence
The glow that only humans who are at ease have
Clarity on what it really is that you want and how to get it
Feeling the pride of accomplishment – “I did it, I really did it.”
A sense of play, adventure, and excitement! 


I know it all sounds too good to be true.
And that’s the first belief that has held you back. 

We will discover the others on this journey together.


You have my word.
This is going to change your life forevermore. 



This program will help you:


Master your willpower muscle
Raise your self-control
Release old habits
Followthrough with success & joy habits
Reach your goals
And become the truest, most powerful version of yourself.



This is how I have accomplished the impossible, refusing to accept the standard rules of living. Relentlessly challenging the status quo to find ACTUAL JOY & abundance.



When you do this work:

Doors fly open.
Life turns around completely.
The confusion dissipates.
The impulsive behavior stops.
The yearning stops.
It is in this that you step into the greatest version of yourself that you can possibly comprehend.



You stop chasing $, $ flows TO you.

You connect with humans who you just can’t get enough of.
You love your body, and treat it with the utmost respect.
You are at peace with yourself, and the world around you.
Your business is clear, steady, and expanding faster than your mind can wrap itself around.
Your past no longer defines you.
The old lingering pain fades.
A new deep unshakeable JOY resides.  


“This seems too good to be true… How do I know you’re not just really good at sales Mandy?”

I get it. I asked all the same questions 4 years ago.
(Yes it was only 4 years ago I was a single mother, working as a nanny making $400 a week, getting by on food stamps..) 

But if you are being honest…you don’t even believe that BS.
You know if anyone can YOU can.



Yes, this is 100% possible for anyone. 


This is also a journey of being MORE honest than you have ever been to YOURSELF.



It is work.
It is hard.
It is uncomfortable.
It’s going to challenge all the parts of you that you have not yet claimed.
You will want to quit.
You will fk things up.
It’s going to get messy, and it is going to FEEL scary. 


But this work? 

This is the work that pays off in THE HIGHEST rewards this life offers. 



When we haven’t done this work it looks like:

Constant distraction
(Social media, low vibe news, show holes, overeating, powerful ideas never acted on)

Addiction to stimuli
(How many likes? How many sales? How many followers? How many comments? Did they text back?)

 Confusion, procrastination & perfectionism

A sense of there has to be something more 



It is PAINFUL to be consciously disconnected from you who actually are, the REAL you… so we numb.



We cope. 

I know you have seen it.. the person who waits and waits and goes from this lit up- loving – seeker.. looking to create magic and make the world a better place.. to a BURNED OUT human, frustrated and resentful of all the others who “made it”

It happens. 

I am not saying this to scare you, but if it does scare you, please don’t ignore that. That is your soul speaking. 

It’s time to release the doubt that YOU can really create your dreams. 

YOUR DREAMS, not mine. Yours. 

Not just the money, not just the business, not just the community, not just the friendships, not just the romance, not just the success, not just the impact… ALL OF IT. 


The ease, the flow, the power, the joy, the freedom…


If you are going to stay focused on what could go wrong, all of the things that happened in the past, and your previous failures.. you will likely experience this pain of disconnection. 

This deep WISDOM and clarity have always been right inside of you, available to you, but you have not slowed down enough IN YOUR FOCUS to KNOW it. 

You have a limitless, resilient, INFINITE soul inside of you, a knowing, a power.. that is quite literally, unstoppable.

Yes, it is scary to go deep within, but I promise you, with all of my heart… IT. IS. WORTH. IT. 

So, very worth it. 


What is on the other side is going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.


Please don’t let yourself go down the path of fear.. growing to anger, resentment, a sense of being unworthy.. then complete exhaustion. This is where crisis hits, and then people quit. 

I see it every day. 

Not you.

Not us.


Ready for this adventure?
Ready for Absolute power over your will?





This is a 20 day deep dive EXPERIENCE

This is a previously recorded self guided program. You will have access to all the content in your member area and can go at your own pace.

This is simply a question of if you desire to finally tap into, capture, and follow through with your genius, NOW. 

The Willpower Course will be a mixture of FB live replays, workbooks, audio trainings, and live Q&A replays.

Everyone gets every question answered, that is my commitment.

 I am going to hold you accountable and walk through this WITH you.






We all have old pain and ways to cope.
We have patterns.

We have habits.
We have excuses that work, over and over. 

But the past is not evidence of what is possible for you. 

We all continue to hurt ourselves until we heal ourselves.
This is the human condition. 

When we do the work to improve one area of life, every area changes.
It is not too late.
Nothing is lost.
Nothing that is YOURS can be taken from you.

As we become, we show up better for everyone we love.
We finally allow true wealth and abundance. 

We gain back energy and vitality that the “spin” used to drain. 

We become connected and present with the humans around us, build friendships, collaborations, and FUN.


The only question is HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU to getting out of your head and into your wisdom & power? 

Up until now, you have lived with habits you have created, and these can be changed at any time. 

It is not going to feel any easier to do this work tomorrow.
Honestly, it only gets harder. The brain develops more and more resistance to saying YES to this work as its CONVINCED it is going to die. 

FEAR shows you exactly where to go.

I love you,

I’ll see you in the program, if you’d like to join me in the Diamond, simply PM me

Mandy xx

Before working with Mandy, my fear was that I wasn’s going to be able to make my business work, that I wasn’t good enough to create what I wanted… and now I am celebrating a $20k month!

Erin Fritts


Mandy cuts through all the fluffy bullshit and gets right to the gems of what actually WORKS. Mandy is able to communicate these concepts in a way that you’ll UNDERSTAND and be able to easily implement. Clear, bold, and on point – all while having a great time and feeling massively supported!

Amanda McNair


I just brought in two new clients in the last 24hrs and made $7300…… so that’s $12800 in 7 weeks. Ha so perhaps the last week of doing the work from Willpower more consistently is actually working. I’m so grateful to myself and to you x

Carlie Hageman


Thank you SO much for everything. Loved this program!

Kerry Picken


I did my meditation and right after it was like boom do this – wrote it down – then did the journaling and then right after that another download – this is awesome!! And I am starting to understand the process of content in courses a little more!!!! So grateful I said yes!!

Lisa Conger


Or Join us in Le Million

Le Million is a journey. It’s learning how to build an online business & a LIFE that is an extension of the real YOU. It’s a process of unlearning all of the things that cause you to hold back, hesitate and get bogged down with overwhelm and confusion so you can build the success you want right now.


(We really wanted to spoil you...)

Or join us in Le Million

Le Million is a journey. It’s learning how to build an online business & a LIFE that is an extension of the real YOU. It’s a process of unlearning all of the things that cause you to hold back, hesitate and get bogged down with overwhelm and confusion so you can build the success you want right now.


(We really wanted to spoil you..)


Every Monday we have live Zoom event, Mindset Monday, where I go live and share the mindset insights with you.


Every question gets answered in the Live Q&A event.

>> Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls

(Never been available before outside of the Diamond Mastermind or high end groups)  
Access to behind the scenes in my life and business showing how to CALIBRATE.
All of my resources and who and what I learn from.
The biggest lessons and breakthroughs and how I got them, in both life and business.
LIVE coaching and teachings based on every question you ask in the group in your Q&A thread. 

I’m 100% IN with you.
All in.
Tracking with you and walking every step with you.
There is nothing I won't give to you in this course.
From baby Mandy to Boss Mandy to Magic Mandy to Millions Mandy.
I got you.
We have got each other. 

(I will be using this year together to capture all of the content that will create the individual courses that will be offered LIVE each month. You guys get the benefit of getting it ALL inside for this starting price.) 

>> the vault

(Value $58,000)
The step by step trail of how I went from 0-$1MM in 25 months!!!
A literal path of success captured and available for you!!

You will have instant access to all of the HOW TO, the VIBES & the WISDOM courses created as I invested $500k learning from extraordinary humans, implementing it and then creating live courses for my clients to learn from as I created the very first $1MM in the company. 

* This is access to 30 powerful courses : Value $58k



Yes! Everything! (We told you we wanted to spoil you!!)
You will get full access to every high-end course run live throughout the year. (We are expecting to run 10)


You will be part of a powerful community of humans celebrating you and cheering you on as you go. You will make lifelong friendships and will feel SO loved and accepted in this group. Truly, wait until you feel the energy of these humans!

SO the course I'm in with my coach, the amazing Mandy Perry, supporting MY growth this month is called... THE ALPHA EVOLUTION! I am SO excited. We start today! Time to own it in every cell of my female body... my ALPHA! Me leading me FIRST! Shitty grinning while oh YESSSSSING! Feminine Power RISING! Hips moving cuz they ain't lying, my body is all YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a coach is mothalovin LIFE! If I could speak to the me felling lost and powerless I would say Janet... you know better, get a coach, invest in yourself. Back yourself. Yea yea ther's other ways to grow... It's all good you know what's best for you! And when you know what's REALLY best for you is crazy mind blowing life transformation... nonstop all your life long cuz that's how you roll you closet growth junkie you... you work with a badass coach who's done the damn thang and her ENERGY seduces you there everyday until you're living turned ON! Growth and evolution is your game. Get your coach PLAYER! Then a few months go by and you're like WHAT?I was living like that? I was feeling like that? And you be like oh my Goddess I am so happy to be alive right NOW! The only reason I ever wanted to be a coach was because I experienced this the first time and said THAT'S what I wanna do!!! Getting to do it, getting to bring my continual evolution in support of my client's evolution is like tthe BEST LIFE EVER!!!


Heather Hartman Johnson


I just completed The Alpha Evolution- a 21 days program lead by the amazing coach Mandy Perry. She couldn't had chosen a better time for this work, planets retrograding and eclipses- simply divine timing for stepping back into fundamentals and implement them everyday! A lot happened for me in the past month and I do want to acknowledge Mandy as one of my gifts. Working with Mandy and being in her honest, straight forward, no BS, loving energy its a true inspiration! We dive into fundamentals of the work with a powerful group of people- we laugh and cried together, we shared, we support and celebrate each other daily! Many things has been shifted for me and not all of them are fully sink in just yet, I'm allowing the space and time to integrate them in my being deeper than ever. The biggest shift for me is moving away from "who am I being" into simply, sufficient and completed "I am" Thank you Mandy for your authentic and honest leadership. I love and respect you and the work you put in the world.

Janet Ruiz


This is me yesterday after 21 days of Alpha Evolution. In those 21 days we tracked with each other every day to address the real deep stuff. Since we began I shifted out of some gnarly attachments and bad habits that have set me free! I am suddenly exploding in even more vibrancy, energy, love and connection than ever. I can't wait to wake up each day and see what magic and who will appear and shine in my day!! I am so grateful and blessed to have found you, my girl Mandy Perry. Since I signed her up as my mentor and joined the Diamond Girls, I have felt more supported, loved, backed in and believed in than ever. I needed to cut out some really shitty habits of thoughts and being. The ones that die hard and slow. She shut off the bullshit self pity negative tape that had a grip over me, and y'all know I am a very positive high vibe energy! Some of this stuff runs deeep. She walks the walk and talks the talk and how she explains stuff helps my creative chaos brain unsderstand and implement much needed structure and systems into my biz. Her vision of the world and how she embodies grace, big hearted love and the truth of our sensitive selves AND brings it big baller style is inspirational AF and you can't help but expand being in her energy and powerful containers. And I love love our community! I love each of you that I share with and the daily process of leveling up exponentially with focus, discipline and fuuuuun honay! I feel held and witnessed and supported and KINSHIP!!! Life is for living and giving and receiving and this lady knows how to show us and be it. I love you so much sister and am so grateful to do life with you and Valtopia is so much bigger and brighter with your guidance for me. THANK YOU!!! Mandy Perry

Simona Spark


I am feeling so blessed I just completely a 21 day program called Alfa Evolution with my amazing coach, mentor, & friend, Mandy Perry. The transformation has been amazing. I’ve learned to live my life everyday with intention. Doing today with excellence is now a habit and only good thing come from living life this way. Celebrating little wins daily creates great energy and leads to huge wins!???? I cannot put into adequate words to describe how amazing Mandy is. She has an intuitive ability that goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. She knows exactly when to love on you or call you out on your bs. She completely understands how you feel and really appreciates your struggles. I’ve been blessed with having Mandy in my life guiding me for 2yrs now and can’t imagine doing life without her in it. Thank you sister

Val Cripps


Still have questions? 

But Mandy, How do I know it will work?

When we focus on what it feels and sounds like this...“Will it work? Is it right for me? What if I don't make my money back? How is this different from everything else I’ve tried? If I try and fail this again, I won't be able to stand myself.

As fun as that is... this is really the whole point. Learning to become the person who focuses on WHATS POSSIBLE rather than what if IS the whole point. It is the work. If you struggle with these thoughts, you belong in this program.


I'm busy and already bought a bunch of courses. How much time will I need to invest each week? 

This program is about POWER moves... Not a bunch of frantic work that never needed to be done. The rule is, we don't do anything or business doesn't require us to do. 2 hours a week is plenty to maximize this course.


I’m not sure it's wise to make another investment…

I know it is against traditional thinking of normal 9-5 people. Doing something EPIC in life requires epic bravery.  It can feel reckless to invest especially if you’ve already invested in a bunch of programs and you’ve yet to see a return on those investments.

But this isn't a how-to - this is  CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

This isn't crystals, books, free webinars, how to insta-fix, and all the other things that take up our time and help us feel better but don't create the LIFE-CHANGING results.... this is the real work.

If you knew you couldn't fail, and you would become one of the top 1% in the industry making 7 figures... how insignificant would this investment be? And in 10 years, will how much it took you to get there have mattered?


Im celebrating my first paid client in my Mrs happy program!!!!

Kaitlin Sheridan


#replay appreciate your candid responses, your emotional honesty & your dedication so much, Mandy. I just got all high hearing you describe ‘magic’ – yesssaaa! Thank you for your description and sharing with us your trust

Laura Miner


I have to ask myself am I worthy- do I really desire my desires you know those desires deep down in the depths of your soul? Those tugs and pulls that won’t go away! Joining that membership Mandy Perry joining the 500k program and listening to the programs Loving the trainings and the powerful wisdom has not only opened my eyes I am choosing mentors (I have 2) to walk through what I haven’t been able too- struggling with past choices- walking it out and through the hard choices and decisions that I choose – I choose who I want to surround myself with what I will or will not tolerate – I choose – I respond to non-negotiables-meditation- breathing – journaling- writing- manifestation- taking the classes learning everything that I want to learn and being grateful – I show up – I respondi to the call – I do it until – What if you did share your story to just one person and it changed their life? What if you published that book or wrote your book? What if you took that leap of faith and learned that by having a conversation with just one person it could change their life? What if you found your voice and shared it? What would that look like for you?

Lisa Conger


Remember, It was ALWAYS YOU.

Love you
Mandy xx




Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at support@mandyperry.com for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program? 

** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you.

** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.