Tuning into Your Body to Build Wild Success

October 22, 2021

Your wanting, longing, needing, feeling, body is exactly how it is supposed to be.
You were meant to have dreams, longings, desires, passions, yearnings, visions…

21 years of bulimia taught me something about the body, about WHAT NOT TO IGNORE.

You have been ignoring your body’s needs:
– Truer connection with YOURSELF
– A deeper connection with others (maybe we can just hug our man instead of complaining, hoping that somehow makes him tune in… lol)
– Healthier foods
– Connection with Source (in stillness all my wisdom is found)
– A TRIBE – people of likemindedness
– CREATION – You are meant for more and you know you are. Your passions are a compass. Your longings are a compass. It’s the crazy WILDNESS that we allow all that creativity to come out in!!

Stop playing small. Stop procrastinating. Stop letting fear run the show…
You know what you are made to do, you just have been taught to suppress it because it’s BAD.

What if….
You listened instead of suppressed
You acted on your idea
You let the body lead and let the mind back up the intuition
You never held back affection
You told the truth instead of hiding
You let yourself be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded people trusting you’d be well taken care of
You let yourself receive?!?!?!
You let yourself be supported to bring those visions to life
You let go of how it’s SUPPOSED to be, and let it be as BIG & BRIGHT as it can be??

We can dismiss all the SUPPOSED TO, all the YOU CAN’T, all the YOU SHOULD’s…

Today we draw a line in the sand and embrace BIGNESS, BRIGHTNESS, FREEDOM, LEGACY, and WEALTH.

Not one more day will pass that I am ignoring the call.

You got this.
Love ya.

m xx

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My Conversation with Thich Nhat Hanh

What?! You mean… compassion for others includes the woman lying and hurting the man I love? It includes compassion for her?
That’s easy for you to say.
You don’t have a wife or kids that you love like I love them.
What’s that you say?
That’s how you love EVERYTHING? All humans? All animals and sentient beings?

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Not My Place To Get Someone To See the “Truth”…

For as long as I can remember I have always felt responsible for helping others see the things that they cannot see… the boyfriend on drugs, the way they are being taken advantage of, the abuse happening…
I have always suffered deeply to see anyone else suffering ESPECIALLY when I can see a way for their suffering to end!
This is what drove me so hard to break out of all of the abuse I was experiencing, go to school for 10 years while working and being a single mother with almost zero child support, start my business and make my first Mill in 2 years… THAT is a lot of drive, and it ALL came from MY WANTING TO END OTHERS SUFFERING.

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What I Resist, I Empower

I see this belief lately that “standing for a world where race & religion do not matter is naive.”
(And abusive)
It’s popped up a number of times in my feed and then once now in my own life.
”It’s exclusive and doesn’t account for all the biases happening today. Anyone who believes this only believes it because they don’t get it. They aren’t the ones experiencing the racism, sexism or etc.”
I understand the basis of this.

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Someone Told Me “You are not as enlightened as you think you are.”

And I wondered what that meant? What an unusual statement?
I realized that there’s a whole entire culture referred to as “woke” which couldn’t possibly believe more differently than my mentors who are considered “enlightened”. Which was she referring to?
And I chuckled.
I’m definitely not either…
Talk about a wild time to exist looking to find your way to a life full of joy and peace!

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Meditation Breakthrough

New one hour meditations….
I’m beginning to see what’s underneath all the crap….
I’m wildly resisting the reality of what’s happening to people and animals in the world… It feels like it cracks my brain and will burry me to accept it.

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I Was Being A Hypocrite

Sometimes we expect people to handle things even better than we are capable of handling them simply because society would agree that’s how it should be handled.
But that’s still hypocrisy…
Just because we can make the best argument for that being how it should have been handled… (womennnnnn lol)

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