Tuning into Your Body to Build Wild Success

October 22, 2021

Your wanting, longing, needing, feeling, body is exactly how it is supposed to be.
You were meant to have dreams, longings, desires, passions, yearnings, visions…

21 years of bulimia taught me something about the body, about WHAT NOT TO IGNORE.

You have been ignoring your body’s needs:
– Truer connection with YOURSELF
– A deeper connection with others (maybe we can just hug our man instead of complaining, hoping that somehow makes him tune in… lol)
– Healthier foods
– Connection with Source (in stillness all my wisdom is found)
– A TRIBE – people of likemindedness
– CREATION – You are meant for more and you know you are. Your passions are a compass. Your longings are a compass. It’s the crazy WILDNESS that we allow all that creativity to come out in!!

Stop playing small. Stop procrastinating. Stop letting fear run the show…
You know what you are made to do, you just have been taught to suppress it because it’s BAD.

What if….
You listened instead of suppressed
You acted on your idea
You let the body lead and let the mind back up the intuition
You never held back affection
You told the truth instead of hiding
You let yourself be surrounded by a tribe of like-minded people trusting you’d be well taken care of
You let yourself receive?!?!?!
You let yourself be supported to bring those visions to life
You let go of how it’s SUPPOSED to be, and let it be as BIG & BRIGHT as it can be??

We can dismiss all the SUPPOSED TO, all the YOU CAN’T, all the YOU SHOULD’s…

Today we draw a line in the sand and embrace BIGNESS, BRIGHTNESS, FREEDOM, LEGACY, and WEALTH.

Not one more day will pass that I am ignoring the call.

You got this.
Love ya.

m xx

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