Waiting For Proof – Kills Our Vibe

April 5, 2022

She felt called, stepped up to the plate, and invested in herself.
She backed herself and what she feels called to do.

And then she hyper-focus on each little move to see if it was ok. If they were WORTH that investment. If Source is saying yes, that was the right thing to do.

She stared wide-eyed for proof that it was the right thing.


Track with me… this message may FREE you in a big way.

If I believe that each decision I make is a RIGHT or WRONG decision… I am going to feel an extraordinary amount of pressure to make the RESULT happen (because that’s proof it was right” and therefore I am safe).

I am going to analyze each and every single step of the way.

Imagine giving birth, and every 5 seconds you are like… SEE!! IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!! Source didn’t want me to have a child. It’s proof I am not worthy to be a mother.

We can create that reality if we desire.

Walking out our purpose and living our true genius in this lifetime is a birth.

>> What if… every single decision you ever made was EXACTLY the one you were supposed to make.

>> What if every single hard thing that has ever happened was fuel for your purpose… because Source uses it ALL for your good. ALL OF IT.
Every single thing… no exceptions.

>> What if it’s actually the habit of hyper-focusing and looking for proof that limits God, and not your decision-making skills.

What would it look like if you chose to believe you ALWAYS make the right decision and then behave like that is true?

What would happen?

What do you think might happen if you decide to back yourself FULLY, and trust every single decision you make was not just perfect but the SMARTEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE… and it could not be more perfect if you could predict the future.

What would happen if you went into each day, each investment, each message, each offer with this belief and feeling?

What if every single time you CHOOSE, back yourself, and KNOW it’s ALL exactly how you will create your AMAZING MEMORIES, and learn your much-needed lessons… so that you could become all you are meant to be.

What if you began to ENJOY the journey rather than look for proof at every single step?

What if you put your head down and just CREATE, speak, write, sing, draw, do, be, have, and ENJOY it all for the next 6 months without needing any proof that you made the right decision at each step?

How much MORE do you think Source can use you, bless you and RAISE you when you are simply making your moves and LOVING each moment of the process, just creating paths for him to flow people to you.

Just creating paths.
Not worrying about each little decision, just trusting your GUT, and not letting that monkey brain convince you to second guess yourself.

When you feel a HELL YES in your soul, LEAP.
When you start to second guess, chuckle and say, yes, that was expected. “I ALWAYS MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.”

and carry on.

But ohhh so much freakin’ time is being wasted on second-guessing and looking for proof!!!

It’s a huge fat waste of life to take a step and then spend 2 weeks looking for proof it was the right step when you could just keep taking steps and trusting the process.

This is actually ENTITLEMENT:
I need to see proof at each step.
I don’t need to have faith.
I don’t need to overcome my humanness and allow the soul to guide me.
God can’t use MY “mistakes” for good… I must be perfect or else I’ll never be able to have what I want or even worse… I’ll never be able to serve others.

*** Note: A mistake, to us, is anything that doesn’t turn out how we wanted it to. How we think it should have.

More entitlement LOL (we are such creatures aren’t weeee)

I KNOW how this is all supposed to go. I KNOW what I should have done, or when it all should have been done for me to BECOME the most evolved version of myself.

Your soul knows.
Your monkey brain knows ONLY the past… and a very distorted version at that.

So… my beautiful friend…
What if EVERY single decision you have ever made was LITERALLY exactly the most brilliant thing you could have ever done to become exactly and precisely who you are today… so that you could carry on making more of those brilliant decisions to become all you are meant to become.

All the memories.
All the lessons.

And what if we decided today that we were going to release the need for proof as we go, and we could just ENJOY the becoming.

m xx

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