Water Fast: Day 7/40

May 2, 2022

In this way it means only water.

Went to the gym this morning… I cannot do any cardio, I’d def pass out lol, but I can do medium weights while seated.

Had a call with a fasting coach Dr. Tallis Barker and learned a ton;
> No electrolytes (it slows the detox)
> Don’t go past 40 days – increased chances of electrolyte imbalance from here out.
> Blood test to track blood salts.
> Acid reflux is normal but also partly from sipping water rather than drinking more at once and taking breaks.
> Days 10-20 are an emotional journey, memories come up, may cry a lot.
> Days 20-30 everything moves much deeper, but it’s not like PTSD where you relive the trauma, you are able to have perspective and distance to reassociate to it and heal it.

My intention for the fast is to regenerate my entire nervous system and heal old trauma.

This was the most important part of what I learned…
During the fast, I will learn to slow down and open up.
Release the Netflix habit.
Release the emotional eating habit.
Enjoy rest. Slow walks in nature.
Lay in the grass and watch the clouds.

All things I do on journeys.
Not things I do regularly.

When I walk I walk to work out.
When I lay in the grass it’s to rest so I can do more.
I’m amazing at frolicking and playing… but not like this.

I will learn to tune into my body in a very new way.
My mouth is dry but not because I’m thirsty.
My urine is yellow but not because I’m dehydrated.
Food is still enjoyable just through different senses now. I can see it and smell it.

This is a deep journey of being present to my natural needs.
It is an expansive opening and releasing.
It is a journey of crying and not needing to know why.
Feeling anger and not caring why.
Just allowing it.

I’m so grateful I was led on this journey.

> Nightmares are pretty vivid
> Hunger waves still come every now and again. Sometimes fierce lol
> 12 lbs lost
> Minimal muscle loss
> Restless in the body like restless leg at night
> Noticing less noise is better even though I usually can’t sleep without white noise
> Decent energy but light-headed and winded rather easily
> Skin showing some detox symptoms

All in all, it’s been a piece of cake considering!

m xx

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