What I Resist, I Empower

September 12, 2023

I see this belief lately that “standing for a world where race & religion do not matter is naive.” 

(And abusive)

It’s popped up a number of times in my feed and then once now in my own life.

”It’s exclusive and doesn’t account for all the biases happening today. Anyone who believes this only believes it because they don’t get it. They aren’t the ones experiencing the racism, sexism or etc.”

I understand the basis of this.

It is a fairly common way of thinking in this current culture and surprises me to a degree. Or at least the reasoning does.

Though I understand the sentiment and longing behind it, I think of someone like Thich Naht Hahn who was one of the world’s most influential peace bringers to ever exist… who taught us we are ONE.

Who was exiled from Vietnam under extraordinary duress and lived through extreme racism and injustice… and dedicated his entire life to teaching us how to meditate and be still so we can see past all the superficial human traits and connect as one.

Not just as humans, but all sentient beings and creation.

He thought it was a cause worthy of dedicating his life to.

He did not say to focus on all of our differences and analyze why we are offended. He did not say to demand others agree, mock them or focus on “waking” others up… he taught to go within, into ourselves and heal… so that no matter how someone is, no matter the condition, we are able to be at peace.

He said “When we are motivated by fear and anger, we are already victims. No cause is worthy enough to be in this state of being. A truly good cause is always motivated by compassion.”

And he personally faced some of the most horrific human cruelties and genocides known to humans.

What a master he was! He truly changed the world through love, with zero demands, offense or anger.

I cried when I found him and found out he had just passed away. I studied him deeply for a season.

It feels safe to agree he was not naive, and was definitely not privileged…

A very common teaching of the most influential peace bringers to exist is “sit down, stop talking and feel your feelings. Stop creating drama while you’re angry.”  #sisyessir paraphrasing 

It feels frustrating that people think they can tell me what my heart dream should be and how my feelings or experience doesn’t matter because I’m white or privileged… but I also understand the emotions behind it. When I see the name calling, the way people assume negative intention or mocking… I think of Thich Naht Hahn and remember my work is to keep healing me so that I can continue to remain joyful. Just feel the feelings and let them pass, the very thing I wish was being done, so we can all know joy! I wish that very much for all!!! Very much!

My work is to heal the parts of me that need anything to be any different than it is.

My work is to heal all the parts of me that wish they could see what I see so their suffering would ease no matter what insanity is happening around them… but I think those like Thay (Thich’s nickname) have a voice so much stronger because this reasoning that privilege negates one’s feelings and dreams cannot exist with him. We shall leave it to the masters. 

I learn more and more each day where my openness is healing and where it is not.

But to be sure, my vision of humanity being able to see how THE SAME we all are as fragile humans going around this tiny globe in a huge cosmos and gone in the blink of an eye remains and is more steadfast than ever.

How utterly irrelevant our little tiny feelings & beliefs are, though they feel huge! How minuscule our existence is let alone our fleeting feeling of the moment. Lol

How irrelevant we truly are in the vast scheme of things and what a waste of this brief life to live in offense, resentment and anger… making claim to things as though anything at all belongs to us. It’s very human… true… but a waste no less!

I’ve never been more committed to anything in my entire life as I am to fully be able to accept ALL that is, as it is… to fully heal all parts of me needing it to be any different or needing to numb to turn it all down. And to remain in peace and joy.

I’m getting there. Ever so slowly.

It’s been a huge blessing to watch how others assume negative intention where there is none at all and I couldn’t help but KNOW in that very moment I must do the same and can’t see it either. Where do I assume negative intent when there is none?

What negative things am I looking for and finding because I’m looking for it?

What beliefs do others hold that I feel are bad? As though I’m the judge of all lol.

What behavior do I feel must change and have not accepted yet.

What I resist, I empower.

I see people accusing others of the very thing they are doing…

Because what we resist we become, ai understand this to such a new depth now. 

This work is so precious to me. I feel really grateful for this exposure.

m xx

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