What To Do When You Feel a Bit Lost When You are Building Your Business and Evolving

October 3, 2021

(how to be sure you are becoming who you are meant to be)

For a long time, I focused on being a professional.
On being the human who shows up and gets it all done, masters it all.
Force myself to be the best.
Learn to be someone who can handle more and more with ease.

Study my mentors and what others do.
Learn the skills and calibrate to them.
Learn new perceptions and new possibilities.

But something was off about this… it never felt fully like ME. Something was lingering.
It felt like I was calibrating to something that was better than anything I had ever known, but I didn’t know WHO I WAS.

How did I know I was becoming more of ME…
More of who I was meant to be?
More of who I wanted to be?

How did I know these were the gifts and skills aligned with who I was meant to be?

On one hand, I went from welfare to $1.5M dollars in 36 months… which is a good indication that something is going right lol… on the other hand I felt a bit lost.

I felt like I knew how to escape the death… the poverty… the trap… … but I didn’t know where I was going.
I had always only known what to escape.
Everything I built was built based on what I knew I didn’t want.
What I was capable of doing.
What made me feel like I was giving my very best.

And I didn’t know how to do it any other way.
Looking back I can see this was a necessary phase to awaken to what comes next…

Creating a massive impact from the Soul.
Calibrating to your highest self.

I had to get away from danger.
I had to have financial stability enough to have a choice.
I had to get out of abusive relationships.
I had to learn how to feel my emotions.
I had to learn how to feel safe in my body.
I had to get off the medications & substances.
I had to release old religious fear.
I had to decide what I believe.

There was a lot that happened in this phase… but once I could be connected to Source and myself… I am capable of expanding to a whole new level and hearing the guidance to be led by Soul.

>>> How to be led by Soul <<<
1. Meditate – start at ground zero.
Meaning nothing from yesterday matters.
Nothing about tomorrow matters.
Today is new.
Who I am today is not the same as yesterday.
Today’s guidance is the highest level of guidance available to me.
Be still. Listen. Hear.

2. Clarity
What is it that I desire that is in alignment with my highest self and purpose?
What do I feel called to do?
What catches me?
No need to seek or analyze.

3. Hold the vision until it manifests.
We listen to Source and hold the vision in trust and faith.
We tune in to what the aligned action is.
We take massive aligned action and do all things with JOY. Steady & stable.

4. Humility
Understand that I am the vessel.
I am the diamond that all power flows through.

5. Enjoy.
of it all.

m xx

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