When You Can’t Get Yourself To Focus On Your Business…

May 11, 2022

Firstly, welcome to being human. We have 982374982364 distractions around us 24/7 as well as all the other humans and their needs.

I remember starting my business and realizing that everyone and their mother needed something all the time.

I remember the frustration and anger I felt that I never had time for myself to do what I needed to do. I’m a Manifestor (human design) I need uninterrupted flow time to get the juices flowing and get in the zone.

IN THE ZONE I accomplish 10x more in one hour than I do out of the zone in a week. It took a minute to realize this.

But then…. boundaries.
And THEN… non-negotiables.

First I got a crown from amazon and told the kids, when mom is wearing this I am not to be interrupted. They learned that if they let me be, soon enough I’d be done, and then I’d be much more pleasant hanging out with them.

I learned that EVERYONE is happier when I have clearly set boundaries and time to do what makes my Soul Breathe.

Then I had to learn WHAT THE HECK I am doing during that time. When I finally sit down to work, what is it exactly that I am doing to move the needle to make sure I am growing and thriving in my business?

So I learned my non-negotiables.
Journal… create a vision for my day.
Blog… let my soul sing… say all the things I am here today.
Self-care – gym, stretching, food, SHOWER (lol), and time to BE me.
Team tasks.
Client responses.
Content creation for my courses.
Always have something for my humans to opt into. Something to choose to uplevel to. A way to calibrate to my energy.

No matter what was happening in a day, these get done.
And then I went on this sprint of learning to do it all by 11am. I didn’t do it forever but I learned that I CAN. I can run my entire global business before 11am.


It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s not that there’s not enough time.

It’s simply that we are overwhelmed, have crappy boundaries, and don’t believe we are worthy to take the time and use the money resource as we desire to thrive.

If we’ve done that work then it’s because we are surrounded by others who are doing the regular humdrum of life. If you were here staying at my house you’d be calibrating to how much I get done before noon and it would feel silly to analyze something for 3 hours rather than just doing your best and getting it done.

This is what mentorship does for me. I feel completely bada** around the regular everyday life energy and I feel completely silly around focused, driven humans on a mission and getting it done.

It’s all relative.
And it’s all possible.

If it’s possible for one person, it’s possible for all.
If it’s possible ever, it’s possible now.

Knowing your best is always enough.
Do the damn thing and let it be enough.

m xx

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