Why Are We Not Basing Our Desires On Every Single Thing That Could Ever Be Possible?!

May 24, 2022

Most of the world around us manifests based on what we see around us.
What feels realistic… but the greatest thing I have ever learned was to just allow myself to be surprised by the VERY BEST life has to offer!!! Why not? Why on earth not?!

** Kids thriving and vacations and big family dinners with them.
** Memorable and extraordinary holidays.
** Perfect sexy body, skin, teeth.
** Wardrobe that feels sooo aligned.
** Travel the world with Gregg with absolute confidence, trust, and ease.
** Crystal clear and in love with my brand.
** 1,000+ people raving about Le million and breaking their first Million.
** Engaged to Gregg and in a big beautiful home here in the tropics with privacy that feels like HOME.
** Multi-millionaires all supporting each other in my Diamond Mastermind.
** Financial portfolio savvy and diverse.
** Million dollar months.
** Charities I create or support massively.


On and on… endless.
“Ya but Mandy, my body is too far gone, I can’t ever have it really back to how it was…”

OK… if you say so.
Based on?
Compared to?

I have so many moments where the voices come up and try to get me to be “MORE REALISTIC”.
I get it.
And in these more emotional, hard moments… I get myself really close to the humans who call BS for me and remind me that all that is is what I have set forth to be, in thought and feeling.

And that’s simply all there is to it.
The real work is REMEMBERING and having the courage to believe it.

Now is a brilliant time for that…

I love you sooo…

m xx

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