Why The Most Powerful Humans Online Feel Lonely Often

October 26, 2021

and what to do when we do…

1. WE ALL feel lonely sometimes. It’s normal.
It means we feel and have longings. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be

IT DOESN’T mean you are unlovable.
IT DOESN’T MEAN you have to fix yourself.
IT DOESN’T MEAN you aren’t the “cool kid” because you don’t have a
lover or plans or whatever else.

It simply means you haven’t learned to enjoy solitude.
Which usually means you haven’t learned to self-soothe.
This is usually because you’ve been focused on fixing everything for

2. TO stop feeling lonely we have to FEEL our feelings without
numbing or distracting.

The #1 way, in this industry, that I see people numbing is by telling a story that we are broken and need to figure ourselves out and then seeking out HOW to fix us, our business, our life, etc., from others.

A mentor isn’t there to tell you HOW to express your soul.

A mentor is there to walk with you, side-by-side as you learn that it was ALWAYS YOU who held the love you seek.
The safety you seek.
The abundance you seek.
The life you seek.

Only, we can’t access this when we are unwilling to feel.

It has always been you and will always be YOU who gives YOU what you need.

The work is to learn to be the human who is capable of feeling and keeping our hearts wide open.

To learn that OUR greatest resource is our creativity and genius, which all lies right on the other side of the feelings.

The alternative is to feel fear, pain, etc… then frantically seek out someone else who will tell us how to do what they have done.
To which they do, and then we try… then we feel resistance (because it’s not OUR SOUL ALIGNED GENIUS) and then we start going to them to ask why we won’t do what they did.
Then when we still don’t we try supplements and drinks and on and on it goes.

Until we have cupboards of things we didn’t need and a lot of advice that wasn’t aligned with our true expression.

And the industry thrives.
All of that because we didn’t know to FEEL.
Didn’t know how to feel.
Didn’t know how to trust ourselves.
Didn’t know our own power.

Until now…

m xx

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