You Are Always Getting What You Really Want… Always

November 17, 2021

Everything I have ever desired… I’ve created.
But I didn’t create any of the things I half desired.

I am passionate AF.
I feel my dreams big and I feel my fears big.
My only work is to feel my dreams bigger than I feel my fears.
Bigger than I feel the pain, the sadness, the anger… and to be clear what it is I really want.

The very moment I decide I truly want something… in mind body and soul… I create it. I lock it in like a laser and I create it.

Knowing this stops me from asking WHY something isn’t in my life yet.

When I wanted wealth, but I was afraid I’d be a bad person and believed I’d be a bad person… I chose to be a good person.

When I wanted an equal to settle down with but I wanted to explore my sexuality without commitment, I said no to dates with potential partners, and explored myself.

When I wanted to create a structure for my kids but I believed that just loving them and trusting the path they chose was what love was, I gave them huge amounts of freedom.

When I wanted to save $ but I believed that my mama wasn’t ok without a house to lay her head in… I used all my $ to buy her a house.

We do what we really want to do.
We BE who we really want to be…

It’s no mystery why I have made the choices I have made.
And the moment I decide I want something else I get to shift and create the new things I actually want.

When I accept that I feel things so big, I am passionate and I move fast, I rise quickly… and my desires are fluid…

When I stop pretending I am getting anything other than what I actually desire…

I feel the freedom to make big moves in my life, and I feel ease and flow as I know the moment.

I desire something else more it is the very moment it will change, and
not a moment sooner.

I wrote a list of my true desires this morning and they are very different than they were 23 days ago.

And that’s ok.
Totally ok.
That’s why I grow so fast, it’s why my life evolves so fast.
I give myself permission to change… and I ignore everything and everyone around me who has rules or expectations of me that contradict my desire.

> I want to eat well, workout, and continue my wellness journey.
> I want to begin to scale my business again now that it’s all organized and stable.
> I want to make memories with my kids and create a warm home full of life.
> I want to date and feel my feminine power and sensual goddess.
> I want to continue to have stability and allow my fire again.
> I want to create epic holiday memories.

And since I have the courage to admit that this is what I truly want, I will create it.
This is what ALIGNMENT is.

If I tried to tell a story to myself that I should want something else and tried to make myself create that, I wouldn’t. And I’d wonder what is wrong with me.


It’s time to release the attachment to what we think we should want and go after what it is we do!!!

m xx

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