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Self-Study Program

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2020, Nov 9


Life feels SO amazing except for THIS ONE area (lol)
Keep trying to “figure it out”
Feel like its taking too long
Feel a sense of powerlessness to it
Can’t seem to break through this thing
It feels hard, overwhelming or frustrating
Just want this one (or 7)  things to shift now…
Desire to feel lit up and excited about life daily
Desire to be magnetic to all humans you interact with
Ready to have epic VITALITY
Desire romance & sensuality in your life daily with self and an other
Desire deeper more powerful friendships and connection
Ready for more FUNNNNN, more magic moments
Know you are called to more than this
You are really ready to ALLOW this reality in, rather than trying to make it happen.

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Wow! This just locked it in for me. This is where I flounder like a fish out of water because I get all the anxiety when I choose something that is not in alignment with my priorities and then my actions are on what I choose to do but my mind is not present on that decision. SO I spin. Everything is going to change for me from here on out. #moregold

Stephanie Luna Perrino

Thank you…

I just sat down for a morning cuppa and found myself clear as the sky in summer… 2021 is the year I make it happen! I make it ALL happen! What ever it takes! Until it takes! Regardless of where the path leads!

Then as I open program. So thank you to Mandy Perry for this program and for reminding me of this. Thank you universe and higher self for bringing me to this point. Thank you to those in this program. Thank you for this moment of clarity and certainty.

Shannon Burke Jensen