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Self-Study Program

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2018, Aug 18

Rags to Riches

  • Beyond ready to create cash flow now?
  • Feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING and STILL not getting you the result you want?
  • Clients always saying they can’t afford it? (That’s YOU not them – I’ll show you)
  • Stressed about $?
  • Have a certification (or 3) and still not making $?
  • Working your butt off with low ROI and feeling like you want to quit?
  • Sick of trying this… this… this… and this… this… this… only to get one small breakthrough, and then have to start all over again
  • Always wondering how to KNOW it’s all going to work out?
  • Trying to understand how you’re supposed to invest in a mentor when you aren’t making $ in your business?

Your Journey Starts Here

This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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This is absolutely one of the most powerful programs ever!!

Mandy helped me to break through the patterns I didn’t even realize I had about money and wealth to get to the other side! I’m so very excited that we implement what we learn as we go, in the workbook provided!! If you do the work, you certainly will have major breakthroughs!! You won’t be able to wait to get out there and make that money!!

Mandy is such an amazing and powerful encourager and communicator! She makes things easy to understand and also knows how to call your ass to more in a concise yet loving way!! This program is phenomenal!!

Amy Martin Gray

Rags to Riches cuts through all the fluffy bullshit and gets right to the gems of what actually WORKS. Mandy is able to communicate these concepts in a way that you’ll actually UNDERSTAND and be able to easily implement. Clear, bold, and on point – all while having a great time and feeling massively supported! ????

Amanda McNair

What an incredible, valuable, transformative program. In just a few days, I had more mindset and energy shifts than I’ve had (ever).

I learned and saw things revealed to me that prompted massive change in how I show up, think of and speak about my business. Abundance is available to me now, not in a few months and years. I will be launching my first ever webinar in a couple of weeks which I know will be wildly successful because that is the only thing I’m available for now, thanks to Rags to Riches.

This level of training is a gift not just to entrepreneurs and business owners – but any walking and breathing human with a pulse. I want to tell everyone I know about it! Thank you, Mandy!

Stephanie Hess