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Self-Study Program

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2018, Nov 12


This is a program for the go-getter entrepreneurs that are ready to go hard when everyone else is easing off the gas pedal… and enjoy a profound sense of accomplishment.
Transform your mindset.
Accelerate your results.
Maximize your time & results.
Be in the top of your field.
Create impact and income by truly being you.

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This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mandy Perry through two programs. The energy that she brings to the table is out of this world. Not only does she ask the perfect questions to really get you thinking about your life, business, and limiting patterns & beliefs, but she helps you push past them with that down to earth, no-fluff ENERGY!! She’s done the inner work to get where she is, and through working with her I’m finally learning how to do the same. Listening to her speak is enough to raise my vibration and get me showing up each day like I never have. Mandy is a powerful force, and I’d recommend any program she releases. Plus, she’s just so damn fun to watch! Thank you Mandy for all that you do, and the value you put into this world. I now understand how to show up as my most bad-ass self each day, and I’m so thankful for the lessons you’ve taught me.

Heather Baird

I just booked a call with a potential client for this week! Whoop whoop! Now off to create a schedule to keep me on track this week!

Kari DeWitt

Intuition and your voice, Mandy in the back of my head saying “just do the thing” kept pushing. So I did the thing…and 14 days in, instead of being petrified on video, I’m starting to see why you say FB Lives are fun ????

In only 2 weeks I’m 80% over the terror of being live.

Erin Perrigo