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Self-Study Program

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2019, Dec 27


I am going to open EVERYTHING to you.
I am going to go LIVE every single day to show you everything.
How I use failures and wins and all things REAL LIFE to create powerful programs that transform lives.
How I create blogs and videos AUTHENTICALLY with ease that SELL while I give massive value. (I’ve sold $40k off of a single blog doing this. It’s not something I can tell you… I will SHOW you)
How I always have clients, since day 1 (even when I fall on my face!)
Why and how just doing what I desire brings me organic growth rapidly.
How I handle the business slowing way down and losing momentum.
How I fix things when I have mucked them up.
My finances
How I schedule
My goals & how I always reach them. ALWAYS.
My failures/ win
How I do single mom while running global company & doing a world tour.
What I am learning in the 6-figure program I am in (This alone is UNBELIEVABLE)
My morning and evening routine.
How I run my business while I travel
My weight, nutritional and fitness up-level to sustain the new level
How I get to have FUN. even when sh*t is hitting fan in a big way.
And.. of course.. anything on the planet you desire to know.
Every question gets answered.

Every time I up level rapidly I wobble, stumble.. sometimes fall & freakout.. then brush myself off, get back up, dig my heels in and crush life.

Every time I up-level I move BACKWARDS first. Then RISE rapidly.
Currently, I am in the fall backward swing I’ve been in so many times. It’s ALWAYS scary, and ALWAYS worth it.
You will get to see exactly how I RISE to my next level in ALL areas in this program… all 100% recreate-able.
The wisdom of how to RISE: scale rapidly IN INTEGRITY with ease is priceless.

Your Journey Starts Here

This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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Celebration is a big piece of my NEW me, the”upleveling” me. Two things to share that happened in the past 24 hours.
1. I got a message from Amazon alerting me to my first commission check for my recently published novel.
2. I got a response to my email to havee a professional book review team consider my book and they said YES!

What is more important than these 2 outcomes is the steps I had to take, the soul prompting I had to follow to allow them into my life. That is the real celebration for me.

Karen Lopez

After listening to the kick-off live, I listened to my instinct to post my word of intention on my FB page. I was doing it for me, to acknowledge my truth.

The wonderful surprise that I’m celebrating is there were 40+ responses of others who were inspired and still going on this AM. Little things help us rise!!

Meegan Alofs Sciretto

Mandy Perry your energy, and your love for your tribe are contagious. Your compassion to lead those willing to do the work and to scale in all areas of life is profound. Thank you for walking me in this direction and for showing me #allthethings life.

I’ve been reminded in your essence that leaders attract leaders. Leaders grow leaders. Leaders support and love on leaders, and leaders rise together. That our tribe is the energetic exchange of the love that we feel within, and nothing can break that. “That we will do whatever it takes” to rise.

In the rise program…
I was supported instantly
I felt enough instantly.
I was loved instantly.
I expanded in the energy instantly.
The recalibration has run deep.
So grateful.

Kimberly Radke