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Self-Study Program

Original Date

2019, Dec 27

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I am going to open EVERYTHING to you.
I am going to go LIVE every single day to show you everything.
How I use failures and wins and all things REAL LIFE to create powerful programs that transform lives.
How I create blogs and videos AUTHENTICALLY with ease that SELL while I give massive value. (I’ve sold $40k off of a single blog doing this. It’s not something I can tell you… I will SHOW you)
How I always have clients, since day 1 (even when I fall on my face!)
Why and how just doing what I desire brings me organic growth rapidly.
How I handle the business slowing way down and losing momentum.
How I fix things when I have mucked them up.
My finances
How I schedule
My goals & how I always reach them. ALWAYS.
My failures/ win
How I do single mom while running global company & doing a world tour.
What I am learning in the 6-figure program I am in (This alone is UNBELIEVABLE)
My morning and evening routine.
How I run my business while I travel
My weight, nutritional and fitness up-level to sustain the new level
How I get to have FUN. even when sh*t is hitting fan in a big way.
And.. of course.. anything on the planet you desire to know.
Every question gets answered.

Every time I up level rapidly I wobble, stumble.. sometimes fall & freakout.. then brush myself off, get back up, dig my heels in and crush life.

Every time I up-level I move BACKWARDS first. Then RISE rapidly.
Currently, I am in the fall backward swing I’ve been in so many times. It’s ALWAYS scary, and ALWAYS worth it.
You will get to see exactly how I RISE to my next level in ALL areas in this program… all 100% recreate-able.
The wisdom of how to RISE: scale rapidly IN INTEGRITY with ease is priceless.

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