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** This is a 21-day self-study program comprised of pre-recorded videos and downloadable study materials **



Most of the world believes that you cannot have it all.


You cannot have wealth, happiness, romance, health, deep connection, FUN, freedom…


It’s selfish to expect to have THAT much.


But the world’s law is based on the belief in SCARCITY… and they would ALL be incorrect.


Most people experience life.. never being fully satisfied.
They feel a bit empty and worried… and live each day trying to make this the day that they breakthrough with a sense of emptiness.


I’m often asked.. “Mandy, WHY is it like this? WHY do I feel this way? WHY isn’t it happening faster for me?”

WHY? Because NOTHING in the EXTERNAL will satisfy you the way you long to be satisfied.


You will search BUT NEVER FIND. 


We expect them to make us feel the way we LONG to feel… to BE who we long to be…. and when they don’t we are sad.



And we experience life feeling:


When we feel these things… nothing outside of you will fix it.




This is about doing the work to BE LOVE, TO BE ABUNDANCE, TO BE WEALTH, TO BE JOY….


and all of our ACTION is then an EXTENSION of this level of EXCELLENCE, power & integrity… which does nothing but EXPAND us. It CANNOT drain us.


This was always about evolving.
Being the human IN THEIR power… the one who WENT FIRST so that others have a path to follow in.


You cannot lead from a place of defeat.
You cannot create wealth from a place of hesitancy.


The Alpha Evolution is a process of becoming the person who creates limitless potential:


An Alpha is in her core power and therefor attracts those in their core power… in ALL areas of life. This is when you begin to have the experience of life where others show up and do their work around you. They invest, do the work and create powerful results themselves.


She trusts herself to handle any emotion and situation that comes her way as she creates her DREAMS.


She GOES first. She knows who she is here to serve, and what results she’s here to create and SHE STEPS FIRST knowing that it’s when she leads that the results are created.


She is seen as a leader because she takes consistent, BRAVE, imperfect action and creates powerful results that she can lead others to


She’s driven by a deep longing to ENJOY life, and serve those she loves.


She believes her ability to achieve is limitless.


She knows she is worthy of enjoying ALL life has to offer.


She honors her deep longings, uses them as a road map to her most powerful expression of life.


She has the kind of integrity that changes the world, and has a standard that all things in her life must contribute to her showing up this way.


Her standards are reflective of where she is going – not where she is.


She’s willing to do the work and BASKS in the rewards every step of the way.


She uses every heart beat to learn, expand, lead, teach, and ENJOY.


The journey is:

Developing the courage to take action on EVERY powerful idea and prompting you get.


Strengthening to the point that you no longer fear not being able to handle anything that may come your way.


Creating a core of pure heart that takes over when the going gets rough… when you are squeezed PURE WILL drives you.


Maturing the parts of you resisting the growth and expansion.


Knowing your worth is your worth simply because you exist. NO RULES, no JUSTIFICATIONS, no EXPLANATION necessary.


This is the work we are doing on this 21 day evolution.
This is journey of the leader.
This is the Alpha Evolution.


Raw.. Unfiltered.. Authentic.. Intentional.. Evolution.
21 Days – Limitless Expansion


This is THE MOST POWERFUL experience I have ever created and I am beyond excited to watch the massive transformation!!


Enjoy your 21-day journey! 


Love you
Mandy xx

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Payment Plan: 
2 monthly payments of $1,222 



Still have questions? 

But Mandy, How do I know it will work?

When we focus on what it feels and sounds like this…“Will it work? Is it right for me? What if I don’t make my money back? How is this different from everything else I’ve tried? If I try and fail this again, I won’t be able to stand myself.

As fun as that is… this is really the whole point. Learning to become the person who focuses on WHATS POSSIBLE rather than what if IS the whole point. It is the work. If you struggle with these thoughts, you belong in this program.


I’m busy and already bought a bunch of courses. How much time will I need to invest each week? 

This program is about POWER moves… Not a bunch of frantic work that never needed to be done. The rule is, we don’t do anything or business doesn’t require us to do. 2 hours a week is plenty to maximize this course.


I’m not sure it’s wise to make another investment…

I know it is against traditional thinking of normal 9-5 people. Doing something EPIC in life requires epic bravery.  It can feel reckless to invest especially if you’ve already invested in a bunch of programs and you’ve yet to see a return on those investments.

But this isn’t a how-to – this is  CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

This isn’t crystals, books, free webinars, how to insta-fix, and all the other things that take up our time and help us feel better but don’t create the LIFE-CHANGING results…. this is the real work.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, and you would become one of the top 1% in the industry making 7 figures… how insignificant would this investment be? And in 10 years, will how much it took you to get there have mattered?



Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

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I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.

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