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   I’m so glad you found your way here <3
Let me see if I’ve got this right? 

You know you can create 100x more powerful results, but things feel like chaos.

It’s like there is always a new thing you MUST learn.
“Who’s to know that this one thing isn’t THE thing that will help me finally breakthrough?” 

You desire to be in your GENIUS CREATOR, instead of spending all of your time as the student and consuming everyone else’s stuff… but time seems to keep passing without that happening.  

You see these women online who are killing it, showcasing their numbers and books and sexy bodies and you die a little inside. 

You don’t want to be jealous but you shut down a little as this feels so out of reach.. I mean, you KNOW you could… if you would just be focused and consistent. 

You buy courses & programs and never finish them, or when you do you race through to get it done. 

You hire the humans but never truly organize them in a way that feels savvy. 

You have all of these million dollar ideas, but so many go unacted upon. 

And it hurts.
It’s so fk frustrating.
You just want to DO BETTER.
But the chaos is loud.
The task list is long.
You don’t know how to get yourself to just be CLEAR. DECISIVE. & CONSISTENT without losing the freedom and magic.

I went through a season of this after massive success.
Maybe it was complacency.
Maybe it was the post divorce exhale.
Maybe it was entitlement and ego.
Who knows.
I really don’t care why I did it. I did it.
And I had to walk myself through the chaos and get back into CREATOR MODE. 

I was at consistent $60k months, and over the year of creating on the side, I dwindled down to $20k months! (doh)
The same amount I made right out of the gate. Lol #humbling

And it was hard… my bills were $45k at the time.

This wasn’t funny. It almost took me out.
I lost my Genius Creator and I almost lost my company.
This was a long journey of one foot in-front of the other. 

I figured out what I am about to teach you in this course.. and then had my first $81k month. 


This is 100% learnable. 

This isn’t for select focused humans, this is for anyone who will show the fk up and do the work to rewire the brain to get on board with SOUL. 

This is for anyone who is willing to outgrow the ego enough to FEEL worthy to be the CREATOR NOW.

Write the things
Speak the things
Create offers
Be in your creative genius magic
Capture the brilliance
Create the LEGS for your genius #geniusonlegs

What is going to happen in a year if you keep squirreling, showing up at 60%? 

What will your income be if you keep procrastinating on being the CREATOR? 

What will it FEEL like to wake up in this chaotic state for another year? 

How will your body look? Your skin?
What will your relationships be like?

… this is about letting your SOUL breathe. 


Letting the world truly heal through you. 

CHOOSING the VERY best life has to offer!!
Time freedom.
Financial freedom.
Engaged followers.
Deep meaningful relationships.
A sense of accomplishment.
Peace of mind.
Bad ass habits that create results. 

We will begin on Feb 9th
  This is a 21 day course run LIVE in a FB group
  You will have lifetime access to the recordings in your membership area.
  It is a mixture of FB Lives, Audios, Workbooks and a ZOOM call together. (I create this for all different teaching styles) 



 How to truly live in creator energy.
 What to do to stop squirreling out.  

 How to give 100% without losing your freedom.
 How to LIVE in the magic, chaotic artist energy and STILL follow through, powerful in your word. The responsible magic human.
 How to finally show up at 100%
 What to create & How to create it
 How to SAY things in a way that MOVE people.
 How to know what to learn, and what to create. (THIS IS HUGE***)
 How to hone your genius and get the CREATOR ideas flowing
 How to capture and follow through with the ideas (surefire way) 


We will also have LIVE Q&A’s
Every question is answered. Period. 

There is nothing you will not get in this program to know how to BE the human that actually creates powerfully every day. 



 Bonus 1: Video- How to get clients NOW
 Bonus 2: Video – How to get clear on your MESSAGING
 Bonus 3: Video 7 Workbook – How to always have powerful things to say & write  








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Here are just a few of the hundreds of success stories from humans showing up and claiming their dream business and life…

We will see you on the inside!  



Here’s what comes to my heart…. What is possible if you actually were in your zone of genius, capturing and acting on your genius every day?

I mean, what is really possible?

I had NO IDEA that my courage would turn into a wildly successful global company but simply being a creator.
Not one clue.
But I’d have never known if I didn’t just fkg do it.
Do you have powerful ideas that you don’t act on?
Do you keep consuming a bunch of other people’s stuff without turning that off to be the genius creator?
Do you get distracted by sex, alcohol, tv, news, drama, food, books, cleaning… lol 

If you answered yes to any of these, the cost is high.
The standard is we are unwilling to pay that price. 

What’s $444 compared to the MAGIC that will happen when you are actually consistently being the CREATOR, backing your brilliance? 

I love you.
Mandy xx









Remember, It was ALWAYS YOU.

Love you
Mandy xx



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I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.