For the successful entrepreneur determined to SCALE massively with INTEGRITY and make their clients feel like the most important people in the world.

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Are you worried if you sell High End your audience won’t buy?

Do you feel like your audience can only afford a certain amount and you can’t seem to break out of that?

Are you worried about feeling pushy and salesy but know your audience needs to be called to more?

Do you feel like you have to sell certain things in order to have them sell?

Does it feel like you have to EITHER sell or give value? Not sure how to sell in a way that gives massive value?

Do you feel like people will think you are annoying if you sell daily?

Do you feel like your engagement goes way down when you sell?

Have you been avoiding selling because you just want to love on your people and have them love you back?  


If you are not making sales, it’s because you do not believe in YOU, your product OR you simply do not know how at the new level. Things are never as complicated as they seem.

Sales is simply creating opportunities for people LIKE US who are wanting to show up and do the work, and want to SHOP with YOU because your voice and energy resonates with them.

I sell High End because I believe in my clients.

I believe in their worth.

I believe they will show up and do the work.

I believe they will get massive results

I believe we value what we invest in.

I believe my work on earth is to heal the wounds that leave people feeling unworthy for an epic life… which includes feeling worthy of investing HIGHLY in themselves the way I do.

I also believe ABUNDANCE is INFINITE, and I am called to participate in the kind of world where we get to have the things we deeply long for, including support.

Until you become convinced of YOUR TRUE WORTH, no one else will believe it either.

If you don’t 100%believe in the product or service you offer.. No one else will either.

If you don’t like to sell, it’s because you aren’t good at it yet or haven’t made it effective enough to be as easy as you want it to be.

You will LOVE sales when your clients are coming to shop with you and THANK you for letting them pay you. <3 #soultribe

How you sell matters.

The process you use matters.

But how your clients FEEL when you engage with them matters most.

The work is to learn to sell more, (feel safe and comfortable selling more) to sell at higher prices (and to feel safe and WORTHY to sell at higher prices) and to give your clients an experience of shopping for their heart’s desires.

We do it UNTIL we get the results we want.

You won’t do it right. You won’t get it perfect.

You will make big mistakes and small mistakes.


You have control of this.


There has never been a better, more exciting time to be an entrepreneur. EVER. You have more resources available on your little phone than a global corporation had all together just a short time ago.

It’s such an INCREDIBLE thing to be part of!




Teach women how to make money differently

Teaching poor and middle-class wealth concepts

Helping those who don’t fit the typical mold to feel accepted and loved and WORTHY

Helping people thrive

Selling changes the entire economy

Your work is changing the world


You see many entrepreneurs struggling and not making money OR Making tons of money but feeling trapped by their business and audience… so then you are tempted to feel like…

“Well if so many are struggling or overwhelmed, how do I know I won’t?”

The top 11% of entrepreneurs are smart enough to look at what is different between the ones crushing it online… and the ones struggling… UNTIL they find the difference.


This is how my entire company was born.


I had success as a health coach… a bunch of friends asked how I did it, I started helping them, they made money and helped people… and the business grew and exploded.



There is a massive shortage of coaches who actually put both feet in the business. WHO COMMIT 100%.

(Which means you are completely committed to learning how to sell authentically.)


Massive shortage means THERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY for you like NEVER BEFORE.

(It’s important to know these things)


You tracking with me here?


It doesn’t take any more energy to go in 100% than it does to go in 60% and be freaking out 40% of the time… the difference is one builds you an empire, the other leads to red wine belly,  money stress, and a sense of failure, overwhelm, and frustration.


It takes exactly the same effort to sell a $30k package as it does to sell a $5k package. PERIOD


Also, you ARE an entrepreneur… unless your business is a hobby. And while we are on the topic… Let’s just go ahead and embrace that it is a COMPANY, not just a business.


How will you ever be one of the true greats unless you start identifying as the CEO of your company .. rather than just a coach, just a rep, just a salesperson, just a singer, etc?



…thinks differently, acts differently, reacts differently, has different daily habits, calls in different types of clients, and for sure gets different results than the rest of the world. YOU are the 1%


  • You know there is no cap on your income.
  • You don’t have to be scared of the economy or any individual’s behavior.
  • You know it takes the same energy to make an $81k month as it does to make a $20k month.
  • You know you can get paid to do whatever you want, we have the BELIEF in yourself and the skills to back it up.
  • You know that no one was born knowing, and ANY SKILL IS LEARNABLE.
  • You know very few people will ever go ALL IN and then learn this level of skill and ability to back it up and you capitalize on that in the market.
  • You KNOW you got this, it’s not fleeting high excitement and then no action to back it when the excitement wears off.
  • You stay motivated because the RESULTS motivate you (not because you are less lazy than anyone else)


Once you are 100% committed, you’ve DECIDED you are doing it UNTIL… Then and only then will you start making the power moves that will create massive results.

It’s in the KNOWING that you are open to power moves and learning the skills to back you up that you can begin to have predictable results… Which I am not going to lie…FEELS DAMN GOOD.








If you don’t like the income you are making right now… it’s because you have been neglecting your sales beliefs & skills. PERIOD.

You are not just a coach, just an oil rep, just a singer, just an insurance broker, etc.

You are an entrepreneur and a sales pro.

It is an ACT OF LOVE for you know how to help people say YES to their desires and to believe in themselves, to believe THEY are worthy of the investment for themselves.

It is an ACT OF LOVE for you to take the time to learn this VITAL piece of your company WELL and serve your audience with love through allowing them to have the EXPERIENCE of shopping with you.

This isn’t about what NICHE you serve (you are the product, we don’t niche ourselves, we offer services that are niched)


THIS IS ABOUT YOU becoming committed to your BUSINESS.

It’s about you being 100% IN on developing the skills required to be in the 1% and change the world.

Do you know why you hate sales? Because you don’t know how to do it skillfully and effectively IN COMPLETE INTEGRITY yet. (That’s all) Trust me… when your clients are THANKING YOU for having the chance to pay you… YOU WILL LOVE SALES.

My clients thank me all the time for being able to pay me… “Just take my CC Mandy.” They love shopping with me and picking what they are excited to have and nothing makes me happier. This is true thriving across the board.


You sell high-level, love sales, want to SCALE to your next level while creating a LOVING, excited to buy from you culture for your buyer.


You sell daily, love it but want to increase your income and outgrow your current price point. (Also.. maybe you had awesome success and then crickets… I’ll teach you why in the program)


You’re longing for a consolidated training on all the sales techniques you can use to create an experience of shopping for your client vs SELLING them on something. How to be a company that hits millionaire numbers SERVING your audience massively.


You are confused how to show up on each platform selling. (Once you get what I am going to teach you .. you will sell effectively on ALL platforms)


You think it’s because you don’t have enough people in your audience, or that you don’t have the right kind of people in your audience. Good news, your audience size, and your perception of the quality is NOT the problem. I’ll teach you what is.


You are confused how to show up on each platform selling. (Once you get what I am going to teach you .. you will sell effectively on ALL platforms)


You think it’s because you don’t have enough people in your audience, or that you don’t have the right kind of people in your audience. (Good news, your audience size and your perception of the quality is NOT the problem)


You do some sales but it’s not consistent or effective. (You have engagement but people tend to go away when you sell)



You are terrified of sales and have little to no marketing skills. (Absolutely no reason to not go straight to high-level training… Remember, it takes no more effort to go in 100% than it does 60% – jump right in)


You are open and willing to think differently about sales, marketing, and the brand of your company and are willing to LET IT BE EASY.


You are committed to going in 100% on building your company and healing the world, and you are ready to make learning the skill of SALES from a place of authenticity a priority.




 You will understand how to SELL high-level and how it is that I have clients THANKING me for being able to pay me.

You will SCALE FAST & WITH EASE… what I am going to teach you has worked 100% of the time… 100%. That’s amazing.


You will feel crystal clear & in control of your income and brand.


You will get results that excite you, like SALES and loyal clients.


You will LOVE sales


You will understand your business and marketing at a new exciting level.


You will free up a LOT of time because it gets really clear what the most important tasks are.


You will free up a LOT of time because it gets really clear what the most important tasks are.


You will KNOW what to wake up and do each day for predictable success.


And most importantly… YOU WILL know how SELLING is actually the value you bring to the world… vs selling equals TAKING from them. (THIS IS EVERYTHING)


6 Training

Step by Step support to immerse in this new skill of calling in, loving on, and selling to your tribe.

There will be replays of the Live Q&As that were held during the original airing of this group.


Membership Access

Unlimited access to ALL trainings and material housed in your membership area for unlimited replays.


BONUS: 100 Power Questions for Women Ready to SHOW UP, Love Big & Matter

You get instant and full access to the incredibly popular Money Making Facebook Lives program the day the Powerful Sales with Heart program starts!

Whats Included:


Training 1:
How to maximize your sales AUTHENTICALLY AND POWERFULLY in:

  • FB Live
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Sales page

I am literally going to break down each of these so you know how to SCALE your results in each while your audience feels MASSIVE VALUE & the tribe feel. This is why all of my clients rave about me and tell their friends about me. It’s true #tribelife

How to get them excited to buy from you in a genuine way that is FUN for you. HOW TO SELL in a way that IS THE VALUE. Step By Step. (There is no value or selling, it is all the same, I teach you how to do this) Your clients will never forget you when you learn this.


Training 2:
Mastering your enrollment calls & selling on Messenger. How to do High-End enrollment & handle objections so that your client gets maximum support and you can 10x your sales.



Training 3:
Learn the PHASES of selling, and master each one. This is a process I created myself as I taught my high-level clients to do what I did to create the INSANE FAST results I’ve created in my business going from ground zero to on track for 7-figures in my 3rd year.

There are 3 phases and I watch EVERY SINGLE client I have ever had make mistakes in this. You will KNOW exactly what to do at all times in your launch with this process. I make it SO EASY.


Training 4:
What is stopping you from making high-end sales – and how to breakthrough ANYTIME instantly. INSTANTLY.

How to command high-end pricing in your sales in fun engaging ways. (I’ve sold $45k $30k etc from nothing but a blog post. )
I am going to teach you how to do this in a way that is PURE value to your clients. I am also going to teach you the mindset behind this.

How to be effective, how to create a sense of WARMTH in your sale. (This alone is worth the entire investment!)



Training 5:
EVERY SALES TECHNIQUE I have learned, printed out on paper for you to have & I am covering every bit of it with you. (I would literally have paid $20k for this a year ago… It’s just brilliant)


Training 6:
How Team Mandy Perry Inc does all of our sales strategies.

How and when we post.
What we post.
How we repurpose everything
HOW I COME up with all my new ideas for sales.

i’m so grateful for this experience right now because I’ve stayed the course long tiiiiiime

Val Cripps

Omg I love this training! I remember saying I hated sales but it get it and love it. Thank you!

Laura Pickens

My Update/ Wins/Celebrations… I feel like I’ve had a series of MASSIVE transformations. It is year end, I’m in ACA, BEING, and looking at how I want to show up in my business, and my life. All of these downloads have come over this full moon, In all of this flurry I’m SO grateful to be alive BEING full me and my authentic self, creating what brings me joy! #Hallelujah #feelssogood #watchmegrow #hello2022

Monika Adams

Im celebrating my first paid client in my Mrs happy program!!!!

Kaitlin Sheridan


I have to ask myself am I worthy- do I really desire my desires you know those desires deep down in the depths of your soul? Those tugs and pulls that won’t go away! Joining that membership Mandy Perry joining the 500k program and listening to the programs Loving the trainings and the powerful wisdom has not only opened my eyes I am choosing mentors (I have 2) to walk through what I haven’t been able too- struggling with past choices- walking it out and through the hard choices and decisions that I choose – I choose who I want to surround myself with what I will or will not tolerate – I choose – I respond to non-negotiables-meditation- breathing – journaling- writing- manifestation- taking the classes learning everything that I want to learn and being grateful – I show up – I respondi to the call – I do it until – What if you did share your story to just one person and it changed their life? What if you published that book or wrote your book? What if you took that leap of faith and learned that by having a conversation with just one person it could change their life? What if you found your voice and shared it? What would that look like for you?

Lisa Conger




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