If you have expertise in anything, this is for you.

This is very simple…
I have had people go from
NOTHING to $10k payments in 6 days.
$100k months out the gate.


  PM me on Facebook and let me know you are interested
  If you qualify we will hop in a call together and I will draw out exactly how YOU specifically can make money online.
  If you like the plan, you can invest in this collaboration offer and we will walk it all out together.

Either way, you will walk away knowing exactly how YOU can maximize your knowledge and skills leveraging online sales.


Professional, but you have never sold online
Have an online business (or have been setting one up)
Have knowledge others want to know
An expert on a topic that you know will help others
Others look to you for answers
looking to add to your bottom line rapidly


I make it all easy. REALLY EASY. I am most certainly the queen of easy.

I went from a $400 a week (for over 10 years) nanny – to a global company making $1.4 million in just 3 years USING an iPhone, FB lives, a google doc, a calendar link, and some very clear simple offers. (I began as a health coach.)

I’ve never used funnels, adds, fancy marketing, or complex systems.

What I show you can be implemented immediately, because my gift is showing others how to make money ONLINE RIGHT NOW. And we actually implement it immediately.

We simply sort HOW we will help people and then we take the fastest path there, and make it fancy as we go.




– You are stuck on it all having to be complicated and fancy.
– You are not willing to invest 5 figures to learn a million dollar skill.
– You are unwilling or unable to handle an influx with immediate sales.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them.

If you are clear and ready to DO THIS then simply PM me or comment below to let me know you are interested – and we will be in touch!



I cannot wait to get to know you and serve you!
Love you
Mandy xx



The ONE session that we had yesterday was worth my entire investment. I have so much more clarity on my message and exactly what I get to deliver as a divine messenger on this planet! I can’t believe how clearly I can see now…and how misguided I previously was! I’m SO BLESSED that I don’t have to spin my wheels anymore! (And this is just the beginning!!! YES!!!!!! #mandyisthebestmentoreverhandsdownnoquestion!)

Lainna Sutton

Transformational Coach and Energy Healer, Lainna Sutton