Everyone keeps asking how I built well over a quarter-million dollar business in my first year.


I didn’t use funnels, ads, emails, networking, etc…


I was nannying for $400 a week for over 10 years.. going to school full time… (quit the nursing program and joined Nuro… quit Nuro and did health coaching…

I started making $ right out of the gate – first month $4k

Next month $10k

Right around this time, all my health coach friends were wanting to know HOW I was making $ when they couldn’t get a paid client.

Of course, I wanted to help. We are fixers, right? Lol


So I dug in with a few friends and started seeing right away what they were doing that was different than me… WHY they were doing it… and what would help them shift it and get the results too?


Those friends shifted, and started getting epic results too…


And that’s when I shifted from health coaching to Business coach for online entrepreneurs and business blew up.



Someone who had already gotten the results I wanted.


I was free as FK – got to be myself, take my business anywhere in the world with me, and got to make new friends and have loads of fun – create things people needed and sell it – and TEACH all the things I learned…


And made tons of $ – DOING FB LIVES.



If you are DONE WITH

Hearing crickets when you go online

Not knowing what to say

Feeling like you have nothing important to say

Feel like you have to have everything perfect and be pumped up in order to do a live

Feeling anxious about going live

Not knowing how to do a live that WORKS


I am giving you the ALL ACCESS PASS to what makes FB Lives EPIC.

What makes your audience want to hear every word you say.

 This is for you if you are ready to:

Book client calls from your lives

Make direct sales from your lives WITHOUT FEELING SALESY

Have a ton of fun


Feel comfortable and excited about Lives!!

Build your tribe of raving fans

Learn the tech side of it

Learn what I use behind the scenes to make it look professional (gear etc)

Do FB Lives on the go while you’re out – MULTI TASKING HIGH LEVEL LIVES


This is for the ENTREPRENEUR that is ready to BE SEEN, BE HEARD, and crush it NOW.

Instant results – no overhead – total freedom.


Whats Included

10 Days.

Daily pre-recorded trainings

Everything is recorded and available anytime

Money Making FB Lives Templates to print and keep

SHIT tons of fun and energy to reboot you and get you feeling BETTER!!!!

Today we are making $90k months, have a team, worldwide retreats, Mastermind, funnels, etc.




I built this from NOTHING. Literally.

I am PROUD of Mandy Perry, LLC.


I am excited to show you the blueprint of how to recreate this for yourself!

The is nothing different between you and me.

I was just a fed up girl who stayed in the game and kept SAYING YES TO MYSELF.

Kept showing up.

Kept trying until it worked.


All of God and the Universe are working FOR YOUR GOOD every moment of every single day.



Decide. Back it up.

The Details

Day 1 – Breaking through the fear

Day 2 – How to sell BEING YOU

Day 3 – The structure of a FB live that selld

Day 4 – What gear I use to make it look HIGH LEVEL

Day 5 – How to make the SALE without being annoying or salesy

Day 6 – How to get others engaged on your live

Day 7 – How to show up BIG on lives when you feel like sh*t

Day 8 – Tech details of Lives

Day 9 – Doing Lives on the go

Day 10 – Q&A Replay


BONUS: How to Set & Reach Big Goals

BONUS: Money Management for Coaches Scaling Fast


I have run private groups for $4997 teaching this material – and it was worth every penny to them.

I literally just finished a FB live and it has 80 views already!!! That’s amazing! Woohoo. I had a moment of fear creep in when I went to share my live from my biz page to personal. I have a really vulnerable share in there and was judged by several people a year ago when I shared something really vulnerable. I allowed myself to feel it and hit share anyway. Craig Perry’s Mandy Perry thank you for the additional tools in this course. I truly appreciate you.

Rhonda Bella Grace


Or Join us in Le Million

Le Million is a journey. It’s learning how to build an online business & a LIFE that is an extension of the real YOU. It’s a process of unlearning all of the things that cause you to hold back, hesitate and get bogged down with overwhelm and confusion so you can build the success you want right now.


(We really wanted to spoil you..)

Or join us in Le Million

Le Million is a journey. It’s learning how to build an online business & a LIFE that is an extension of the real YOU. It’s a process of unlearning all of the things that cause you to hold back, hesitate and get bogged down with overwhelm and confusion so you can build the success you want right now.


(We really wanted to spoil you..)

>> Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls

(Never been available before outside of the Diamond Mastermind or high end groups)  
Access to behind the scenes in my life and business showing how to CALIBRATE.
All of my resources and who and what I learn from.
The biggest lessons and breakthroughs and how I got them, in both life and business.
LIVE coaching and teachings based on every question you ask in the group in your Q&A thread. 

I’m 100% IN with you.
All in.
Tracking with you and walking every step with you.
There is nothing I won’t give to you in this course.
From baby Mandy to Boss Mandy to Magic Mandy to Millions Mandy.
I got you.
We have got each other. 

(I will be using this year together to capture all of the content that will create the individual courses that will be offered LIVE each month. You guys get the benefit of getting it ALL inside for this starting price.) 

>> the vault

(Value $58,000)
The step by step trail of how I went from 0-$1MM in 25 months!!!
A literal path of success captured and available for you!!

You will have instant access to all of the HOW TO, the VIBES & the WISDOM courses created as I invested $500k learning from extraordinary humans, implementing it and then creating live courses for my clients to learn from as I created the very first $1MM in the company. 

* This is access to 30 powerful courses : Value $58k



Yes! Everything! (We told you we wanted to spoil you!!)
You will get full access to every high-end course run live throughout the year. (We are expecting to run 10)


You will be part of a powerful community of humans celebrating you and cheering you on as you go. You will make lifelong friendships and will feel SO loved and accepted in this group. Truly, wait until you feel the energy of these humans!

Watching the replay! This is gold!!!! Leaning into the next idea with all your heart and seeing it through.

Candace Brammer


My cup is overflowing with alllll the Genius you’ve been downloading to us

Kathryn Gleason


My Update/ Wins/Celebrations… I feel like I’ve had a series of MASSIVE transformations. It is year end, I’m in ACA, BEING, and looking at how I want to show up in my business, and my life. All of these downloads have come over this full moon, In all of this flurry I’m SO grateful to be alive BEING full me and my authentic self, creating what brings me joy! #Hallelujah #feelssogood #watchmegrow #hello2022

Monika Adams





Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at support@mandyperry.com for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program? 

** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you.

** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.