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Words I hear every single day… “if someone would just show me HOW, I would do this.”


Those who want to make more money but are done pushing themselves so hard.


You want to sell from a HEART-centered place rather than a pushy used car salesman place.


You desire to help people and make money now and are willing to let it be SIMPLE.


You would like to build this global company organically without all the fancy complicated funnels and ads.


You are wanting more engagement and connection online.


You desire to know exactly how to show up on EACH platform to create engagement, give amazing value, and sell in a loving but powerful way.


You have so much to teach you don’t know which thing to focus on, which one will sell, or be successful. It feels like you have to have a broad message to incorporate everyone.


You want online programs to be SIMPLE. Right now it feels complicated: How? What do I charge? How long? How do I know which platform to use? Which do I collect payments with? What if no one buys it?


It feels like you do not have enough people following you on FB/ IG to do this and you want to know how to reach more people and utilize the ones you have.


You feel frustrated that you have to do so many different technical things just to have the basics done in the business to be successful.


You want to speak in a way that shifts people from inspired to TAKING ACTION.


You want to master the skill of the money conversation when people reach out to join.


You desire to wake up every day with a powerful program to sell, know the system to keep recreating the success, and know exactly what to say daily to be successful.


You desire to BLOW YOUR CLIENTS mind when you deliver the content so they become life long clients







Mandy was a nanny making $400 a week for many years, single mother of two, and had no business experience at all. 

In 2016 she launched her first online business Mandy Perry Inc and the company went global and hit $390k that first year. The amazing thing about Mandy’s story is that she used no ads, no funnels, no networks, fancy marketing, or complicated things. Everything she did was raw, real, and SIMPLE. 

The business has made $1.4 million organically 2016-2019, this is UNHEARD OF.

She creates a wake of success behind her with the thousands of clients she has coached. 



This may sound like a lot, but I have mastered the art of simple. This process works, It’s simple and I am going to show you how. 


How to get the most out of this program. 



 Module 1: Creating high engagement on social media

How to get engagement going, build your tribe, and become a magnet for your clients and buyers.


 Module 2: Selling on each platform 

I will show you exactly how to show up on FB personal page, FB stories, Biz page, Groups, IG, IG stories.. what is the difference and how to utilize each platform in a very simple and fun way.

What I do works and when you see how you will understand why. It works for me and it works for every client I’ve taught this to.


 Module 3: Creating your offer

How to choose the topic
What is the structure of an offer? (and prepping for marketing)
How to write the sales page (without needing a website)

Getting paid


 Module 4: The official launch sequence

How to launch and schedule your launches so you can recreate this success over and over and enjoy this!


 Module 5: Powerful Marketing 

We are going to expand on Module 2 here and go a little deeper into how to sell on each platform now that you have your offer created. This module alone is worth the investment numerous times over.

How to engage online
What to do if no one is engaging
What to do if it’s not selling 


 Module 6: Enrollment 

This is a heart-driven process that clears the fear and excuses so they can make a powerful decision to back themselves and their desires. This works for all sales on all platforms (Call, messenger, etc) 


 Module 7: Delivering your offer

This is the magic – this is why I scaled so rapidly. I will show you the HOW and the principles that have created such unheard-of accelerated results organically in this field. 


Immediate Access to the Bonuses:
The ladder offers ranging from low end to high end. 

 Tips on hiring a VA to do the technical tasks in your company. 




Celebrations from this program



Mandy Perry Inc has made $1.4MM in 3 short years. This 4th year of the company is projected to bring in $1MM, still completely organically using these tried and true effective methods. 


Finally, have your own schedule


Take your company with you anywhere around the world – complete location independence


Make your own rules


Contribute to changing lives by bringing your wisdom to them


Change generations in your family building wealth while maintaining complete integrity.




I am just a regular girl who one day had enough of all of my precious time being chewed up and STILL not making enough money to give my kids the life I dreamed of for them. 


No more confusion.

No more procrastination.

No more leaving money in the table.


We let the business dictate what we do, we do it, and then we go play and celebrate the unbelievable earnings & all the people we are serving.






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More Celebrations from this program




It’s my honor to do this with you.




I love you
Mandy xx





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