Ok y’all – This is for my SAVVY badasses…

This is an ALL IN program for those done with the BS and ready to SCALE.




The complete unleashing of your most powerful self so you can make the money, feel RELAXED, have the time you want, and BE the person you feel called to be NOW…


Your business is evolving

You are growing fast

Your whole life is shifting

Your integrity is deepening

You are processing loss

You are challenging every ability you have

You are stepping into the biggest role LIFE has ever asked you to play.


You are evolving rapidly.


As you do you will experience CHALLENGING moments that require a NEW level of you.


In order to embrace these challenges with grace and ease, you will need to ALIGN to a deeper level of YOU.


If you don’t, you WILL BURN OUT. You may already be feeling it. 




Keeping our word to ourselves

Shifting from fear and doubt to aligned vibration

Communicating with clarity and without emotion

Step out in faith in brave power moves.

Rise to the situation rather than numb out or fall.

Trust in yourself to the point where you’re truly backing your dreams.

Trust in yourself to the point where you’re truly backing your dreams.








Do you:

Feel financial uncertainty? The fear, the worry… the pressure to be better… to DO better and do it NOW.


Feel UNCLEAR about your messaging and what to do each day to scale rapidly in an enjoyable way?


Grow so fast but feel frustrated and chaotic like the business doesn’t FEEL good anymore?


Keep doubting yourself?


Feel overwhelmed, alone. Every time you try to deal with things you get “brain fog” or numb and shut down?


Promise yourself you’ll do better, be calmer, bring the best of you forward, and then fall flat after a few weeks over & over…


Feel guilty SHINING BRIGHT, and SPEAKING loud and clearly being your BIG self to the world?


Wake up after a long hard week and you think… IF I HAVE ANOTHER WEEK LIKE THAT… I worry I won’t be able to keep this up?


Like… This month ABSOLUTELY cannot be as hard as last month?

This is part of the journey and I am SO GLAD you are here!



Here’s the thing.


We never signed up for this to just to get the results.. we signed up for this journey to BECOME everything we dream of BEING and then letting that person HAVE IT ALL & leave a powerful legacy on this planet.


So we HAD to know growth was going to be required.
And we know growth is a journey.


So we KNEW it was going to be a journey.






I don’t believe in coincidences. You are HERE NOW for a reason.


It’s time to let go of the criticisms and guilt. It is not useful and it’s not necessary for you to expand your life.


You cannot guilt your way to success.


You do not need to be fancy… you do not need a huge list, you do not need to know how to do funnels and ads, you do not need to look perfect, have an exciting life or expensive things.
**** Cue exhale ****




You never needed all of that and soul knows it.
You can have it all, and never needed any of it. It’s all irrelevant and available and neutral.


And you don’t have to do 80% of the crap you think you need to do or have been doing.


This morning I got teary-eyed as I did my morning workout with the sunrise on the patio, at my beautiful home in the tropics.


Me.. little ole me.
I really did it, and I did it being MY REAL SELF, and sticking to my values and staying in my integrity.


Amazing clients, peace of mind, successful launches, global business always scaling organically, my own schedule, traveling anywhere I desire, being recognized by people all around the world…


It’s crazy.
And the SIMPLICITY of it all is just AS AMAZING.


If ONE can do it, ALL can do it.
I’m here to help you now. 






8 pre-recorded sessions with other support materials

All of it stored in a membership site for life long access to refer back to anytime



* WEEK 1 *
– Communicate so you get what you want and don’t feel guilty.
– Boundaries of a global CEO in life
– Do what you want to do, BE who you want to be and refuse to be swayed by anyone else.
– Live every day CONSISTENT with what you want on YOUR terms.

When you feel good you do good. Do you know what your power moves are so that you are in a high vibe state all the time? DO you know how to handle immense pressure with EASE (no bs, actual ease)? This week I am going to show you. THIS may be single-handedly THE most valuable asset to your business for all time.


* WEEK 2 *
– Set bigger goals, make bigger plans, commit to the dream.
– Create a work environment that suits you PERFECTLY, rather than endless compromises in an attempt to please varieties of people. #bossvibes
– Sales tasks that move the dial
– Mandy’s Life: Behind the scenes

Let go of all of the BS that doesn’t bring you RESULTS that are in alignment with your dream life. This week I am going to blow your mind on just how simple it is to build a 1/2 Million dollar global company.


* WEEK 3 *
Breakthrough the old behaviors once and for all. Showing up consistently with excellence.. feeling disciplined, badass, clear and organized. KNOWING exactly what to do next to continue scaling your business.


* WEEK 4 *
Consistent sales without ever feeling like you need to chase $ or clients… so you can feel safe, accomplished, light, and be a sought after badass in your field. Leadership is an ENERGY, not a position. (Clients have gone from $10-$30k months doing what I teach this week)


* WEEK 5 *
Speak your most powerful truth and bring forward a clear powerful message BEING AUTHENTICALLY YOU. When you let your most powerful truth out, and you are CONSISTENT in your energy.. you will draw others in their power to you. When you have fame, you have the power to affect REAL change.


* WEEK 6 *
Feel the RELIEF of having the time you want to be with your family, to travel the world and become the savvy human you envision. This is critical. If you allow your business to have 24/7 access to you, you will resent the thing that is meant to LIGHT YOU UP.


* WEEK 7 *
Taking every single area of your life and business with you as you scale rapidly in life and business. Allowing the rapid expansion to elevate every inch of your life… this is a NO BS, ALL IN week for the savvy badasses ready to HAVE IT ALL. ENJOY a higher standard of living.. Home, clothes, car, vacations, fun, giving back.. etc


* WEEK 8 *
LEARN TO HAVE MORE FUN!! Actually enjoy the journey, celebrate the shit out of the wins, and EXPAND the good, over and over. This is how we expand to the stratospheres. The more fun I have, the more money I make. #facts


Your work is to ask yourself… If I was being the highest level version of myself today, if I was embracing the fear rather than turning away from it, if I told the REAL truth about what I want in life… what support would I pull in?





You have always been the courageous one… today is nothing different.


You were always going to figure this out.. you never needed me… but I am here to ACCELERATE your results with you, because WHY WOULDN’T WE?

Who wants to wait for years? That’s silly.


It’s time to rise from the fire and REACH NEW HEIGHTS.


It’s time for you to embrace ALL of your vision.


It’s time to stop playing small… yes I know you are playing a bigger game than most of the people around you BUT YOU ARE STILL PLAYING SMALL FOR YOU, and you know it.



Are you ready? 


Wanting to thank my mentor Mandy Perry for the life changing level of content, and real life tools that she drops on her tribe. I joined SAVVY with Mandy Perry in September feeling unclear, directionless, and knowing some things had to change. Mandy thank you for being the ultimate professional and never interjecting your opinion, but instead giving me tools to really get to the core of my feelings, my blocks, and to develop new ways of thinking about all the things that I had let step me in my tracks, and instead see that bright beaming light at the end of the tunnel Mandy really is a bright light to this world. She gives her whole heart, and then some. I am still refining, getting closer to my truth, and further forward into my future. And to be able to break things down that typically overwhelmed me into dissolvable, understandable bits…well it’s masterful. For example, stress and overwhelm go hand in hand in my world. And then I stop dead in my tracks, loose traction, I don’t show up the way I want to. But MAndy broke it down so simply for me. And I had this “Aha” that the overwhlem is really due to not having set clear boundaries. And clear boundaries are set by knowing what I want, allowing that to be my guide. I started to become aware of all the ways I am screwing myself when I don’t have a clear end goal to guide my decision making. When I got clear on what it is I want to experience, it became easier to take input independently and either decide if It was a clear no, or a clear yes. And guess what, way less overwhlem. And no surpise, my business picked up immediately after this realization, because I was no longer spending time sitting in overhwhelm, but instead taking action towards what I desire. Magic

Jennifer Salstrom

I love #celebrating with my mentors, Mandy Perry. Since joining Savvy and your Templates Programs, I’ve been able to call my ass to more in my personal life. I’ve been able to make my power moves automatic and the first thing I do each day and I actually look forward to doing them! Who’d of thought lol… Most importantly, I’ve been able to release all the extra BS I felt like I had to do b/c it’s what works for others. Just b/c it works for others doesn’t mean it’ll work for me and I’m so grateful to be able to share that concept with my tribe. I freaking LOVE the tribe I’m building, we are connected and we choose to do life #together.

Rebecca Branham

Watching the replay! This is gold!!!! Leaning into the next idea with all your heart and seeing it through.

Candace Brammer

#replay appreciate your candid responses, your emotional honesty & your dedication so much, Mandy. I just got all high hearing you describe ‘magic’ – yesssaaa! Thank you for your description and sharing with us your trust

Laura Miner

I have to ask myself am I worthy- do I really desire my desires you know those desires deep down in the depths of your soul? Those tugs and pulls that won’t go away! Joining that membership Mandy Perry joining the 500k program and listening to the programs Loving the trainings and the powerful wisdom has not only opened my eyes I am choosing mentors (I have 2) to walk through what I haven’t been able too- struggling with past choices- walking it out and through the hard choices and decisions that I choose – I choose who I want to surround myself with what I will or will not tolerate – I choose – I respond to non-negotiables-meditation- breathing – journaling- writing- manifestation- taking the classes learning everything that I want to learn and being grateful – I show up – I respondi to the call – I do it until – What if you did share your story to just one person and it changed their life? What if you published that book or wrote your book? What if you took that leap of faith and learned that by having a conversation with just one person it could change their life? What if you found your voice and shared it? What would that look like for you?

Lisa Conger





Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program? 

** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you.

** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.