OK Y’ALL… I’ve got some amazingness for you!!!! 




This is a two-hour training replay where I share ALL of the things I do on the back end in my life DAY to DAY.. that help me create powerful NEEDLE MOVING days, where I am able to show up big and GET RESULTS in all areas of life.


You are going to be SHOCKED when you see what they are!!!


This is NO BS, how to make life EASY, learn the skills required to make money while showing up big in the areas of life that mean the most, and ENJOYING every moment of it.


How I create powerful content daily.

How I am endlessly motivated.

 How I am happy all the time.

How I lost weight.

How I learn so fast.

How I transformed so fast.

How I get my ideas.

 How I have FUN with all the parts of my life. on and on it goes.


I AM SHARING IT ALLLL in this home training.


 I am honestly really triggered by showing you all of this, but IT WORKS, and I have always wondered why others don’t do it…


I teach this to my private clients and they CONSISTENTLY have huge breakthroughs… and my standard is… GIVE UNTIL IT TRIGGERS YOU… give all I have to give at all given moments.


What I’ve learned is we all have RULES that hold us back in massive ways… and I’ve learned to bypass these rules and pull in my dream life. I am SOOO EXCITED to share it all with you!!


This is a one and done… this is your only chance to learn these things.


This is a two hour at training replay, You will be sent a video and audio replay via email with a workbook to follow along.



The 2-hour call is so good!

Everyone needs to do it!!! It was so life-changing for me!!!

Sharon Koshy


You have totally HACKED LIFE! Like the secret to effortless work and life

Victoria Welsh


Mandy is legit brilliant and her practical tips and tricks are literally life-changing. I would have spent thousands learning this from other coaches before listening to this!

Highly recommend.

Gina Silvestri


I have to ask myself am I worthy- do I really desire my desires you know those desires deep down in the depths of your soul? Those tugs and pulls that won’t go away! Joining that membership Mandy Perry joining the 500k program and listening to the programs Loving the trainings and the powerful wisdom has not only opened my eyes I am choosing mentors (I have 2) to walk through what I haven’t been able too- struggling with past choices- walking it out and through the hard choices and decisions that I choose – I choose who I want to surround myself with what I will or will not tolerate – I choose – I respond to non-negotiables-meditation- breathing – journaling- writing- manifestation- taking the classes learning everything that I want to learn and being grateful – I show up – I respondi to the call – I do it until – What if you did share your story to just one person and it changed their life? What if you published that book or wrote your book? What if you took that leap of faith and learned that by having a conversation with just one person it could change their life? What if you found your voice and shared it? What would that look like for you?

Lisa Conger


I also know that I can confidently tap in to my own incredible energy in my own ways as well! So Magical Mandy is like ghee and cinnamon to my moong bean soup. She’s the extra special soul food adding to what’s already fantastic! Mandy, Thank you for your relentless commitment to showing up through all of life’s curveballs and being all of you! It changes lives!

Jacquelyn Carrier


Watching the replay! This is gold!!!! Leaning into the next idea with all your heart and seeing it through.

Candace Brammer





Q:  So how does this work? 

A:  When you register, you’ll be taken to a checkout page, where you can make your payment for this program.  Immediately after making payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with all information to access your training in the member area! 


Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions or problems? 

A:  Please feel free to reach out to my team at support@mandyperry.com for any tech or payment issues.