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Week 1 – Get a clear vision & How to SET and REACH your goals

Week 2 – Become a MACHINE making $ and hitting your goals DAILY HABITS and systems.

Week 3 – How to be COACHABLE & get the best results with a high-end mentor and tribe & 10x your results right out of the gate.

Week 4 – How to change ANY behavior NOW (This alone is worth it)

Week 5 – How to remove emotions and SHOW UP even after the initial motivation wears off.

Week 6 – Mindset for GREATNESS – Rock solid mindset of someone brave enough to go all-in and LEAP.

Lots of personal growth and emotions these last couple of weeks . I feel like I have made some major headway with my focus and message. Working out gears and breaking through the BS that was holding me back. Thank you Mandy for calling me out a couple times – very eye opening.

Nathalie Friar


EPIC DAY!!!!! Holy crap did the shit hit the fan yesterday. Migraine, major emotional blocks and releases around my relationship boundaries. But I did the work, I stayed in the arena and I cleared that emotional shit out. ????????????
The result from doing the work meant today was fucking epic. It began at 4 am, I went through week 2 training, made my list and began ticking shit off.
Journaling ☑️
Drink glass of water 1st thing ☑️
Meditation & Gratitude ☑️
Calling in the vision of Platinum Album and 1 Million sales. ☑️ (Began to feel it, tears of JOY!)
Create inspiring content through intuitively journaling and post FB/ Instagram/ email list. ☑️
Create/ Monitor FB adverts for Album. ☑️
Shred workout AM: Cardio & Weights (Reward with a jacuzzi & steam) ☑️
Face cleansing routine ☑️
I havent completed all my tasks, but I don’t care. I am so proud of myself today & I feel like a badass.
I feel clear, I feel focused, I am having fun. So Thankful!!!
Thank you Mandy Perry , You Rock! ????

Susanna Westwood


Hey everyone! I noticed today the universe is delivering exactly what I ask for. I’ve been putting out I want to make $7k months, that that amount will make me feel taken care of. After taxes, we brought home $7007.59. Talk about delivering. My original monthly goal was $10k+ after taxes but it felt too big like I couldn’t ‘get there’. After seeing this I realized I’ve been playing it small and letting fear & what ifs run the show. So I’m putting out to the universe that I’m open to receiving $10K+ months. I’m also open to receiving this in any shape or form! I’ve been so attached to where the money comes from. I’m letting go of that. Receiving is receiving and I’m grateful for all of it!! Mandy, I’m surrendering to the process

Rebecca Branham


My content!!! Yeahhh… I’m sooo much at ease writing content…my blogs are turning into programs and soo much more. It’s feeling like my soul has unlocked itself and it’s pouring out …emotions.. desires…my confidence in what i want to achieve.. thank you Mandy Perry!!

Paula Clerigo


Im celebrating my first paid client in my Mrs happy program!!!!

Kaitlin Sheridan


#replay appreciate your candid responses, your emotional honesty & your dedication so much, Mandy. I just got all high hearing you describe ‘magic’ – yesssaaa! Thank you for your description and sharing with us your trust

Laura Miner


While I’ve worked with a variety of coaches over the years, last month I caught a few FB Lives from Mandy Perry that really got my attention . Her authenticity and no BS style about what it takes to be successful in businesses really stood out from the crowd Plus she has the results to back it up. She went from being a $400/wk nanny to making 1.4 million in her first 3 years of business. I knew right away I wanted to spend more time in her energy and learning from her heart. So when I saw that she was offering a crazy amazing deal to be in her Live energy every week in 500k year with Monetize Your Journey that includes access to 30 of her courses, I felt like I hit the lottery! Since I started the course last month , I’ve had my most $uccessful month yet in the 4 years I’ve had my online business and it was way easier than I thought! I feel like I finally have access to the missing pieces for success. While the courses include information on “How To’s “ on anything you could likely need to run a successful business More importantly, Mandy is amazing at teaching how to move past the BS stuff that most people get stuck at and start creating the success that most know is possible but never seem to get to. While she may give suggestions, she empowers you to know how to get the answers for yourself The group energy in the private course FB group is amazing! Everyone is super supportive of each other and very inspiring As the saying goes “ the rising tide raises all ships” I can’t say enough good about this course. If this is resonating with you, you can check it out here. https://mandyperry.com/myj/ Doors close soon when the last spot is filled Feel free to reach out if you have any questions Nancy xx

Nancy Anger





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