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Unresisted wealth
Unresisted fun
Unresisted happiness
Unresisted action
Unresisted sexy
Unresisted support
Unresisted impact
Unresisted success
Unresisted power
Unresisted freedom
Unresisted satisfaction & ease





 This “have everything you desire” BS is confusing and annoying. 


We don’t like princesses because a princess gets everything she wants, life is easy, and she thinks she’s the sh*t… life is beautiful, and princesses don’t have to get dirty. 


And we don’t like women who think they are queens. 

She gets to have the money, the sex appeal, the support, the impact at the cost of her SOUL.


Our life isn’t like that… because we are “good.”


It feels bad that our life isn’t that way, so we make up a story that it’s all so very bad… So that everything makes sense again. 



because she seems to be everything we are not… and her way of contradicting our cultural judgment and moral prejudices. 

And despite the judgment and criticisms are thrown at her feet… a shining light of life more fully and freely lived. 



Fk this feeling of not-enoughness… we don’t want to feel this feeling so we go on the attack, quite unknowingly:

 She is entitled, snobby, b*tchy, weak, she doesn’t actually care about people, she only cares about material things and doesn’t really want to help people. 

 She doesn’t do the work, she has a bunch of people doing everything for her. 

 She only cares about money

She’s probably lonely – puts on a perfect life front, but really she’s in a huge house lonely and alone. 

 She’s a bad mom because she’s successful.

 She’s aloof, doesn’t know what real life is life. 

 She’s conceited…

 She’s self-absorbed.

 She’s shallow.

 She’s desperate with her sexy selfies. 

 She’s dishonest… fluffy… airy…

 She’s hiding something… 

Ahhhhh… That feels better now. (lol)



We all want a full, exciting life. 

We want to get everything we want.

We all want life to be easy.

We want to feel worthy. 


And the reason we feel like we are on the edge of a breakthrough, but not breaking through is because we feel it’s BAD to be the MF princess queen and have it all. 

So… we pretend we don’t wish we were the queen everyone adored.

But we do. 

It’s just painful to hold that energy when the real feeling inside is… I want that and I can’t have it.  


Things like: 

  I want that impact, but I don’t have it. 

  I want money to come easily, but it doesn’t.

  I want to feel sexy, but I don’t.

  I want to feel important, but can’t get the support I want.

  I want to have powerful words like her, but I don’t.

  I want to be celebrated like her, but I’m not. 

  I want to have the social engagement she has, but I don’t. 

  I want to be rich like that, but I can’t.


On and on… we don’t like how that FEELS… So we make the thing, the person, and the desire of it wrong.

And we are full of sh*t. 


We want it all… We just are really committed to being a good person, being authentic, honest, real, loving, kind, generous, and strong. 

I’m here to challenge the story that we can’t have BOTH, and have both in massive overflow. 

When we aren’t having the breakthrough we desire…  it’s because we have a belief that having all we desire, knowing and owning our worth, having it all come easily, and life being so out of control amazing and exciting is bad, or will turn you into something bad… Just like “that girl”… and all the creative judgments we come up with along the way. 

When you learn this, and transform through the process of the Unresisted Life… it will get you into a power mode that is so amazing others will wonder what your magic is. 



There was ONE thing that held me back more than anything… 

It drained my energy, chewed up my time, knocked me off course, and felt awful.

It stopped me from having financial expansion, high-level support in life & business, and all things sexy.





But up until the breakthrough I had so much resistance to having all I desire: 

 If I am outrageously rich, will I stay a good person?

 When I am 95 will I be grateful that I lived my life focusing on greatness?

 Am I a bad mother if I become a wildly successful woman? 

 Is it a waste of life to focus on being sexy and looking good?

 Am I being a diva for wanting to be fully supported.. (cleaners, chef, amazing team, drivers, first-class seats…) 

 Are the people being rich, sexy, and supported, selfish? 

 How do I have all I desire but always be the human who really makes a difference, doesn’t leave people behind or turn into some snobby diva? 

 Can I leave my current relationship or is it selfish to outgrow people. 

 Can I have amazing sex & passion and still be really successful? 

(lol… Saying these words now feel gross as I have transcended this… But it was very real for years, and I SO get it.) 

I was crushing life and defying odds over and over every year… but the guilt and confusion of this all was quite intense. 

It weighed on me. 

It consumed my time. 

And ultimately it held me back until I finally learned what was happening and how to outgrow it. It was an amazing journey that I am truly grateful for and also, one I never want to go back to. It was very confusing and hard. 

Now it is my absolute pleasure to walk with you through this together. 





 Feel right on the edge of a huge breakthrough to the next level, but it’s just not happening…

 Just want to make the $ NOW without all the drama, guilt, confusion, overwhelm or fear…

 You keep throwing $ at things hoping it will work this time…

 You sometimes feel triggered by luxury, sexy women, expensive things, people being treated with importance…

 You desire a deeply meaningful life and all the money, sexy & support you desire.


 Know you are meant for multiple 7-figures but it feels hard.

 Feel alone or flat more often than you’d like.

 Desire all the $ things but it’s not what drives you.

 If you are really honest, you really want it all… and don’t want to feel conflicted about it anymore.

 You just want to feel at ease & clear.



Sexy body
Sought after
Incredible support in all areas of life
Life-altering sex

You just don’t want that to be the thing that matters most.

You want to be a good person.
Make a real difference.
Have deep meaning.
Create powerful impact. 


And you are damn ready to learn how both go together… live your true potential… have it ALL, and truly live a deeply meaningful life that you are proud of… NOW.






  Most people think they know what they want.. But results suggest otherwise. If you don’t HAVE what you want, you are actually not clear. We don’t skip the work that WORKS. I will take you through a process that will bring clarity even if you have tried 100 times and couldn’t get clear. 


  (this is going to blow your mind… and you will have more ease and clarity than you know what to do with.) 

Knowing how to hear and get crystal clear what you are SCREAMING to the Universe – vs what you wish you say you want. 

This is not another silly manifestation task…

In this training, you will see CRYSTAL CLEAR how fkg powerful you are, and how you have literally been getting exactly what you want. 

Once you see this you will have the power to shift it and get what you SAY you want from now on… no more drama, confusion and overwhelm. 

You will see how to UNMASK your real driving desires and unlock everything. 

The power I have in life from this one skill is what makes me so unstoppable. IT TOOK ME YEARS to learn this. 


This is Mandy Magic. My greatest gift is knowing what questions to ask of myself, mentors, and support staff. When you know the right moment to ask the right question, you will move through the resistance with ease.

I coach high-level coaches making multiple 6 figures that DOUBLE their income when they learn this, but that’s not the best part… The best part is that they actually work less,  have fun, feel ease, and enjoy all of it more than they did when they were making half the income. 


 This is cut and dry. You control your brain, not the other way around. Brain supports the soul, and in this module, you will be mastering this power. 


  We are no longer throwing money at sh*t hoping that something will work. This week we are going to organize, clean up and make a plan for your step by step support to continue expanding rapidly and SIMPLY HAVING ALL YOU DESIRE… without the chaos and overwhelm… And WITHOUT draining your money. 

(We are savvy, not careful… savvy, not careless.)


  This is so important to exponential growth. You are going to grow more in this program than most grow in a lifetime. In this module, we will be embodying our most empowered new self so that we don’t slip back to the old setpoint we were before this work. 


Now you have a new level of non-resisted thought & creative ideas flooding in… and our work is to back them fully, instantly. As you back your impulses again & again, your power increases.


 As if this isn’t enough amazing-ness, were now going to set ourselves to launch to that next level AGAIN.. Or open this power to a new area… because WHY NOT? Lol, Why the hell not… There is nothing stopping you now. 





  You are allowed to take the time to align yourself correctly so you get maximum results from your effort.

  You have all the time you need in the Universe for you to become who you were always meant to become. (There is no such thing as taking too long, unless you simply choose to let the resistance keep running the show)

  You get to use your resources to move the dial powerfully, rather than buying a bunch of frantic things hoping it works.

  The past is NOT evidence of what is possible for you moving forward.

  You do not need to see how this all works out, you simply need to take the one brave step you can see to take right now. The woman you become at the next block will know how to handle it.

  We go first. The Universe meets us.

  You are being called to the greatest role you have ever played in life, and you are certainly being tested. Are you ready to show up for this? 

Re-investing in myself with this program. I got results and momentum from the $Mastery program and recognized this was the next power move so acted on it! Feeling the continuing expansion already.

Feeling good feels good! Especially after a long stretch of feeling a ton of resistance and working through it all. The inner work works…and the reward is so worth it! I had not one but TWO people sign up for my new program!

Just by signing up, I unresisted the attraction and increased production for 2 new customers (I have a product based business): 1 for approx $75k p/yr and the other approx $180k p/yr. Essentially adding 50% to our business.




I’m celebrating ending my day feeling amazingly high vibe and totally expanded. I love feeling completely open and available to opportunities. When I’m in this receptive state, I know that all good things are coming, but it really doesn’t even matter. It just feels good to feel good.

I’m learning how to better identify the power moves and step into the freedom of having time to do the things that inspire me. The struggle story being fully released! Ease and flow. Yes God, more of that please!

HUGE breakthroughs already! I’m getting what I want! I now see the areas where I’ve been getting it through a means that is not in alignment with my soul. I’ve been validating the wrong way. It’s like I’ve been stepping in the way of my true desires this whole time without even realizing it. Stories that I am releasing this very moment.

I missed the live this morning, but I was signing up a new one on one client! Such a huge celebration! I’m so humbly grateful when I get to walk along with someone on their journey of growth, healing and freedom!

I’m having FUN with my work! When I catch myself thinking “I should do this” I stop and check to see if it’s something I actually want to do and then I switch it to say “I get to go do this now, it’s so much fun, I love doing it!” OMG how is it really that simple??? Day 1 of making my life fun and it’s off to a great start!!!

Mandy’s doing life together philosophy is just amazing – it’s what I knew I wanted and never could quite articulate it until now.
Love her, love having her in my life, love doing life with her and the tribe!



Remember, It was ALWAYS YOU.

Love you
Mandy xx


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