You weren’t meant to be a puzzle piece forced to fit in.


Each day waking up faced with expectations, rules, and more ways you have to show up and be more than who you are just to feel safe.


Each day another little pill to swallow.


Each day bending just a little more to chase the dollar, the fitness, the glory… never truly owning what would make YOU truly happy.


What would make you feel lit the fuck up every single day of your life?

Are you truly living?  Are you truly deciding?
Are you truly happy?
Do you have fun?
Do you feel satisfied?

You aren’t meant to feel like something is missing.
You aren’t meant to be afraid something bad is going to happen when you DO WHAT YOU WANT.

You are meant to thrive and the feeling that something bad is going to happen is a BAD HABIT born out of some rules that need to change.

It’s like living life with the devil sitting on your shoulder.


It is 100% possible for you to live every single day truly lit the fk up and happy.

There are some things you will need to understand and for sure some energy you will have to be around to shift this.

I am doing 5 days of intense diving into the WILD.


Learning how to let it go, surrender, release emotions, and get the reward of the strength on the other side.  As you learn this process you will begin to watch yourself expand and grow into a person who can take the hits and GENUINELY still be happy and enjoying life.


People are shocked at how I was able to handle how fast my business grew, family emergencies, rejection in business, divorce, single motherhood, old trauma, and wounds coming up…


Going from a single mom on welfare making $400 a week to a business in track for 7 figures in 3 years is one hell of a journey… and really… WHAT IS THE POINT IF I DON’T ENJOY IT!



This is and was always about you becoming the person who is enjoying the SHIT OUT OF LIFE.


If you are not waking up every day excited to the core about your life.. this is for you.



This is about

Learning to feel safe having what you want


Learning boundaries


Learning to feel safe DOING YOUR OWN THING


Recognizing what shit is stuck to you that never belonged there


Learning what rules you have allowed to slip in


Spitting out the pills you take to numb yourself because you can’t be what the world says you need to be


Processing and releasing all the trapped emotions inside that keep building and controlling you


Changing the energetic STANDARD YOU HAVE and raising the mother fkg BAR


Learning BRAVERY. Being brave enough to make moves that BACK YOURSELF and your dreams

I have the life of my dreams
I am lit the fk up EVERY SINGLE DAY
I feel truly free and worthy to have all I ever long for or desire

I know how to get clear what I want and have the bravery to go for it. 

This is all learnable. I didn’t know how to 3 years ago.

The results from this are epic.




Every day.

Not one day a week

Not 2 days a month

You get to do CRAZY WILD epic things and feel excited doing them

No guilt

No crippling fear

No excuses

No justifying

No being taken advantage of

No confusion – fk confusion

No more swallowing the pill

No bending over and taking it in the arse

No having to protect the whole world from danger


No rescuing

No bingeing

No numbing

No repeat failure of the same things

No anxiety, anger, resentment

No playing small

No holding back

No suffocating


Today you can decide you’re waging a war against something that truly matters…

Today you can say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


Today you get to say FK the rules and FK those pills.

Today you get to stop playing into others fears and smallness and EXPAND into the person you envision in your mind.


Today you get to say yes to being



Mother fucking WILD



Passion, Excitement, Awe, Wonder, FREEDOM


Safety, Sense of KNOWING

Confident, Relaxed, Secure



The work is the work.
The savvy move is to recognize the work needs to be done and jump in.




5 days of life changing work to embrace your true potential and LIVE LIT THE FK UP.

I cant wait to see you in there!!


I am excited to get to know you better!
If you don’t already know me… Hi! Welcome. My name is Mandy Perry, and I am a regular girl who went from being a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week… to $1.4MM as a global business in just 3 short years. Everything I do is SIMPLE and based out of serving my clients. Clients come first in the business, the rest falls into place.


My style is NO BS, no holding back, give you everything I have to give until I am triggered that I am giving too much lol. I give you access to behind the scenes because that’s what I wanted from my own mentors, and it was hard to find.


I will call you out and be your biggest fan. My boundaries are strong and I don’t allow you to waste your precious time on regurgitating what you already know, or what already did or didn’t happen. I laser in on ONE thing and one thing only… what you said you wanted… and if your choices and behaviors back that up – and what needs to shift to make it happen. THEN WE SHIFT IT.


My high-end clients know this as the no-fly zone. It’s for the 1% of people who are truly ready to step up and lead the leaders. You and I both see the shenanigans going on and know they need us to lead them. Now we are going to do this in a way where you are CLEAR, FOCUSED, and on fucking point DAILY. Not only that – but you are going to know how to close the deal so that you are being rewarded in a BIG EPIC way for supporting those around you.

I’ve listened to Day 3 numerous times now. It has been a wake-up call for me. At first, my brain was throwing a temper tantrum, but I knew it was all true and good and kept listening… remembering, “If you don’t like what comes out (when squeezed), you get to clean it up! The alternative is complacency.”

Heidi Zendt Hochstetler

MANDY!!! I think this video is exactly what I’ve been needing. I’m gunna need to listen to it a couple more times I think! Feeling and understanding the emotions. Knowing what’s already inside you. And the formula behind it. Gahhhh so helpful for me as I really have a hard time digging deep within myself! I can help others do it all day long, but myself? Nope nope nope!

Heather Baird

I also know that I can confidently tap in to my own incredible energy in my own ways as well! So Magical Mandy is like ghee and cinnamon to my moong bean soup. She’s the extra special soul food adding to what’s already fantastic! Mandy, Thank you for your relentless commitment to showing up through all of life’s curveballs and being all of you! It changes lives!

Jacquelyn Carrier

I love this! I’m learning so much…thank you

Ruthie Zayas-Lisboa


my favorite part of this chapter in my story, I hired my dream coach, Mandy Perry!!!! It all began with saying a big “HELL YES” to her new “Monetize Your Journey/$500k Year” Program. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but all I can say is, WOW!!!! When I enrolled, I got access to 30 of her most powerful programs AND a live group program for Q&A!!!!!! Within just a few weeks of working with her in this particular program, I made such massive moves in my life/business that I became one of Mandy’s DIAMOND MASTERMIND clients!!!!! This has been my dream for 3 years!!!!! The amount of value in her MYJ/$500k Year has helped me beyond what I imagined. All the programs I have drooled over for the last 3 years are literally at my fingertips! I am not writing this as a brag on my accomplishments, but as a brag on HERS! The amount of value that she is offering still kinda blows my mind, if I am honest. She is literally showing you how she went from welfare to a million-dollar company!!!! If you are struggling to push into full time coaching or are at a stuck point in your business, I can’t even begin to tell you how this could change your world!

Kari DeWitt




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