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Self-Study Program

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2018, Oct 12

Woman on Fire

You are ready to see this from a soul level
You are ready to be the leader
You want to create a true impact in the world
You long to have success and be wealthy and never feel guilty
You have a huge heart and want to use it from an empowered place
Ready to use all the freed up energy you have to build wild success
Ready to feel UTTER FREEDOM to be who you truly are – no apologies
Ready to finally see what you are capable of when you are showing up in life at 100%
Ready to be the most encouraging woman you know
Ready to be the happiest woman you know

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This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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I love you all and am so blessed to be with you on this journey!!
Mandy, I truly can’t thank you enough!!! I have been trying to reach silver since March. Isn’t it amazing that I got it since I’ve been working with you!?!? Thank you so very much for sharing your love, heart, and soul and for helping me see that I am a bad-ass decision-making multi-million-dollar business running biatch!!! ♥️♥️ Love you all!!!


BOOM!!!! Hitting my fucking goal!!!!!! YES!!!!! I FINALLY got my $10k month!!

Amy Martin Gray

Holy cow! This internal work that you are teaching us Mandy is so freaking powerful!

Christina Recchio