The only power system any human ever needed to unlock all of their greatest potential, & have the most incredible experience of life WHILE you achieve all the things. 


This program is for you if you:

Want to up-level every area of life at an incredible pace WHILE enjoying the process
  Ready to be consistent with money goals
Willing to release the fingers-crossed way of growing
 Have the courage to look at the things holding you back
 Have the humility to be the beginner in some areas
 Desire to KNOW they are reaching their full potential
 ACTUALLY KNOW AND CRUSH YOUR DAILY POWER MOVES (from where you are, with no magical pill mentality)

You are kicking ass, but you are not reaching all of your goals consistently in a way that feels really exciting and amazing.

I am taking you through exactly what I do myself to have consistent results all across the board:


 Lost 52 lbs
 $1.4 million in first 3 years
 A daily routine that allows me to accomplish the impossible in 3 hours or less a day.
 Bought my dream home
 Left a toxic relationship
 Created so many incredible like-minded friends around the world
 Off all meds
 Amazing relationship with my kids
 Every single day is laughter and excitement & all the human feels.
 Got mama a home (with my brother)
 Feel comfortable with the struggling financially and the wealthiest of the wealthy. #belonging
 Healed 21 years of binge purge cycle
 Workouts every single day
 A team that I fkg LOVEEEEEEE
 Handle immense pressure with ease and flow
 Being in my feminine.. enjoying romance and sensuality. Learning my body and running my company in my feminine
 The ability to keep my word.
 Deep love and compassion for humans and animals..

And probably most extraordinarily… I finally feel safe.

It doesn’t feel scary and hard anymore… so there is no throwing it against the wall to see what stocks, or trying out every new thing that comes up. 

This is a maturation process. You will SEE exactly where you have been falling off track.


For us entrepreneurs it looks like: 

Start stop start stop

Brilliant idea, don’t follow through. 

Decide, change my mind. 

Momentum.. Burnout.. Messy behaviors and numbing.. Start again.

Try this, this, this, this… eee! One breakthrough, start all over. 

Hit the numbers.. Omg, how am I going to keep this pace up? 



Then.. it turns into..

What do I even want? Why? 

Why am I here?
What version of success is the one that will make me happy?

What makes me different from the rest of the humans doing the same thing as me? 


If you are like me, you cringed a bit because you saw yourself acting like the mentors you had or changing your mind about what you want .. confused by someone else’s dream… followed up by some numbing behaviors. 


You notice you keep changing things looking to find YOUR GENIUS.
You get that success leaves clues and you are savvy enough to pay attention, but you also know their magic isn’t yours… not exactly. 

You sense that yours is going to be unlike anything this world has ever seen, but it’s just not coming fully to life. 

You get the schedule and plan all perfect then… a month later, starting over.

The… not following through with the routines…
The… not acting on your genius consistently…
The… shiny penniessssss so many shine pennies… because we want to KNOW it all, BE it ALL and do it all.. Lol

The learning, learning, learning, without bringing the wisdom to life.
And the worst of all…. REGURGITATING WHAT WE LEARN instead of LIVING the dream and magnetising our people through the BEING of it all… and capturing and creating systems to bring it to life. 

Usually because we are off to learn the next thing. Lol 

“I do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old. I seek the things they sought.” – Basho

Enough of this. I know you feel it. It’s time to bring your REAL GENIUS to life. 




What if I told you… 

You could run a global $500k / year company for 3 hours a day  and spend the rest of the time being the genius you are born to be, building your dreams, & creating all the magical memories that make you feel alive WITHOUT THE numbing.. And without needing to go back and heal a million old wounds? 


What if I told you that actually, if you do this right, you will work LESS AND LESS, not more and more WHILE also actually loving HOW you show up? 

What if you KNEW, if you set this up correctly, you can get your power moves done and then go explore the universe… and not just arbitrarily explore… but explore in the way that is SAVVY and designed literally for your growth and pure happiness without worrying that you will sabotage it all? 

Yes. That. 

I’m not going to go into a whole lot here … 

This is all you need to know to know if this program is for you.

You are hell bent on having healthy, powerful behavior.
You are hell bent on happiness.
You are hell bent on living to your true potential. 

You are hell bent on connection, unlimited $, the power to take care of your loved ones, pleasure, impact, and making your mark. 

You’re not the kind of person who wants to do it just to do it.. You want it to be FUN, and to MATTER… and matter to YOU.




What is happening:

You are strengthening and strengthening the wisest part of you while leaving the lowest version of you unchecked. (I know.. NO ONE talks about this, Idk why, but I GOT YOU) 

Then you are pushing yourself with very little clarity.
So all the extra work is to make up for the feeling that you don’t REALLY know what you are doing or if it will “work”.

And you numb because somewhere inside you know something is off but you don’t know what so you get frantic or exhausted. 

Of course you feel frustrated when you work so dam* hard but then the messy behavior keeps holding you back!! 


You are doing the work but you’re still feeling chaotic..


How can you stay high-vibe when these low level behaviors keep popping up? 

How can you scale to a sustainable company when you keep having to work this hard for results? 

HOW CAN YOU MAKE DECISIONS when you have no filter to run it through?

How can you feel lit up and driven when you don’t have confidence on where you are going? 

And how the hell are you going to get there if you don’t know where there is? 


Target the right part of your brain to be in control.. 

Then clarity..

Then power moves. 


Knowing what YOUR power moves are… 

  • Key offers
  • Marketing style and voice 
  • Daily process that reaches ALL of your goals, ditching the 80% of sh** that never needed to be done. SERIOUSLY.
  • Enjoying the process (we don’t do things we hate. The end) 


And finally, ACTUALLY doing the power moves every day. 



I’ve created a system to MASTER this.

What is going to happen in this process is you will set the compass, then begin walking, hit a wall, remove the wall, and keep waking… checking the compass as you go… using simple, proven NLP and Mandy hacks to ACTUALLY breakthrough. 

Oh yes, it IS that easy.
You are going to FKG LOVE ME once you see how to do this.
I’ve run 12 programs seasoning and refining this masterpiece.  


This is how I have scaled every single area of my life exponentially, every single month. 



They are addicted to momentum. 
They have this running mantra inside that they have to KEEP IT GOING… and they never get SAVVY about their own power moves.  

Then, since they have to do so much (or avoid doing it all because deep inside they know it’s mostly a BS guess ) they begin to believe they’d have to do TWICE as much to hit their goals! Then they shut down. 

It’s all a big rat race to cover up the feeling of SCARCITY.  

So, we down 2 more coffees, ignore our bodies, ignore our powerful inner prompts.. And keep pushing to create that IG life. 

Once we taste a little momentum, the race begins. 
Rush, push, throw sh*t at the wall, learn the new thing, do the new thing, do ALL the new things… 

But the secret to success isn’t that you keep the momentum going…

The secret to success is that you know the secret on how to create momentum on command.
The right compass, the right power moves, and the right process FOR YOU. #Unlocked

How to be the one that all of life aligns FOR… 
I know, can you dare believe you are that WORTHY, important and valuable? 

How dare she. ;) 


What if….

You dare to believe you are THAT worthy.
You dare to believe that this is the moment it all changes.
You dare to believe that there never was a race.. It was all just BS fear compulsion. 

When you UNLOCK YOU, what on earth could stop you? 

When you truly know who you are, where you are going, why you are going there…
Then have the powermoves to create that.. And a process to remove every block that comes up along the way…

Tell me ONE thing that you cannot create for yourself and your loved ones? 

It. Simply. Takes. Courage. To stop the rat race and create greatness. 
The courage to have a profound experience of your own true nature… 

Let’s just imagine for one second what would actually happen if you did you best every day?
Without any hesitations or worries about what would be…
JUST GAVE YOUR VERY BEST.. every single day.


Are you ready? 

We will be together for 19 days in this program.

  • Get crystal clear what you want and WIRE THAT SHIT IN. 
  • Know exactly what has been stopping you and how to never let it stop you again.
  • Know your daily power moves to reach your goals and an AMAZING system to ACTUALLY FRIGGIN REACH THEM.
  • Clear every single limiting belief and block consistently each step of the way. SteadyAF
  • Every single question answered. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT BEING THE PERSON WHO SAYS  “I already know this” to themselves meanwhile the weeks (maybe even months) keep passing…  If you’re not reaching your goals as consistently as you desire, in the areas that mean the most to you… this is the work.  

Everything is run LIVE this time around. You will have LIVE trainings, audio trainings and workbooks & EVERY SINGLE thing I have you do is intentional and precise. 

YOU WILL HAVE MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH and clarity on what has been happening and how to make sure you NEVER miss out doing the most important stuff again.


Here are your options

For most people this is ONE new client to have made back your investment for this program. ONE.

This skill has made me millions… but much more importantly, has brought me HAPPINESS. Actual happiness :) 

I got you.
LET’S DO THIS #together 



Not sure yet?

“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing yourself is enlightenment” – Lao-Tzu

This was always about you stepping into YOU. 

What if THE ONLY thing that has been holding you back is your not knowing yourself? 
What if every single time you feel confused if it’s ok to have your dreams, it’s really nothing more than doubt convincing you – it’s BAD? 

What if you could DARE to trust the process, show up where you are, with all your flaws and glory and let the process be the process.. In 10 years will it matter if you had to clean some shit up to reach your goals?

The YOU in 10 years will be SO GRATEFUL you did. 

“The real identity of each of us exists as a potential not yet realized, buried somewhere within us, but prevented from expressing itself and unfolding . . . your soul is under a prison of conditioning… “

It’s time. 

If you have been feeling confused about how to be LOVING and heart centered, feel your feelings and be non attached to things.. like a little hippie love ball 

BUT ALSO how to be driven and lit the fk up about life.. crush goals and experience all the things in full force.. with excitement and drive.. 

Unlocked is for you.

I will show you exactly how to be in both energies (which was a mystery for me for 3 years) 

If you have been processing emotions, journaling and feeling the feels, but you still can’t stop sabotaging in the areas that matter most & and you are ready for breakthrough.. 


Unlocked is for you


If you are full of genius yet someone looking at your life would have no clue how actually brilliant and powerful you are.. and you are ready to bring this to reality…


Unlocked is for you


If you feel like you have been learning to be in your feminine energy and come from ease and flow, yet you aren’t getting the results you want BUT refuse to go back to the old push-yourself-hard way of doing things.. and you feel something is missing..


UNLOCKED is for you.


Here are your options

Mandy! Thank you so much for always showing up for us with wisdom, grace and full access! You do make a huge difference in the daily thoughts and actions that I have/take! Thank you! {{{Hugs and love}}}

Donna Wicks

Well shoot, that was way easier than I thought it would be and Holy Crap the stuff that came up!!!! It’s like it was all buried so deep for so long but this work released it somehow and it just popped right out this was a real love gift thank you, Mandy.

Jillian Bowman

This is gold!!!! Leaning into the next idea with all your heart and seeing it through. ????❤️

Candace Brammer

I also know that I can confidently tap in to my own incredible energy in my own ways as well! So Magical Mandy is like ghee and cinnamon to my moong bean soup. She’s the extra special soul food adding to what’s already fantastic! Mandy, Thank you for your relentless commitment to showing up through all of life’s curveballs and being all of you! It changes lives!

Jacquelyn Carrier

Le Million is frickin amazeballs incredible!!! Do IT

Kathryn Gleason