happy & wealthy

The 30 most powerful things I learned to create massive global success online.

A 30-day journey to being happy & wealthy while serving the world in massive integrity.

Did you know you get to be…

  • Happy & rich
  • Happy & have boundaries
  • Happy & successfuL
  • Happy & sexy
  • Happy & lit up every day
  • Happy & a great mom
  • Happy & IN INTEGRITY
  • Happy & making brave leaps

It’s not either/or


It’s not EITHER Happy or Wealthy

EITHER Wealthy or Serving Others

EITHER Serving or Happy

EITHER Wealthy or In Integrity

After all, being happy AND wealthy gives you all the tools you need to focus your energy on serving your world at the deepest, most profound level possible.

Happy people DO GOOD. 

Happy people CRUSH LIFE. 


Being happy and free to help others with a joyful heart is the WHOLE POINT!

Happy & Wealthy Breakthroughs

  • Finally understand what makes you happy
  • Have clarity on your dream life
  • How to create boundaries with people without it causing tons of angst and drama
  • Why you feel guilty when you are thriving and others aren’t
  • Knowing how $ plays a vital role run your happiness
  • Understanding your worth – growing into the person that knows they are meant to be happy and wealthy
  • How to be HAPPY while building your business and creating your dream life.
  • Breaking out of the bad habits you may blame on external circumstances that are creating anxiety & overwhelm, or sadness & anger.\
  • Releasing the old stuck emotions and trauma to truly finally have space for JOY & WEALTH
  • Getting your priorities in order. When you don’t live within your VALUES – you do not thrive long term.
  • Building new habits that back your dream life
  • Creating time for the things that matter without freaking out that the sky will fall
  • Having time and space to heal and work through things while still making tons of money (I do this always)
  • Understanding the real process of being happy & wealthy
  • Learning how to TRUST the process & get all the results on the other side because you STAYED IN IT.

When you feel good,

you do good

And it’s time you start getting a LOT more honest about what your powerful ass needs to feel good so you can go heal the world.

You get to serve, be someone of high integrity, and BE HAPPY & WEALTHY. 

When you have conflicting values – you will start to do good.. and then revert back to the old behavior over and over.

I have a big huge (((Thank You))) to share that’s been alive in my heart the past month! I decided to start with mentors as I change some old tired beliefs about myself, money, and my worth. One of which, I’d like to introduce with such gratitude in my heart❤️, is the wildly successful and empowering, Ms. Mandy Perry. I am just finishing her 30 day Happy and Wealthy coaching program, and am amazed at the changes I’m already seeing in myself and my attitude. Thank you so dang much, Mandy! You are all heart, you’ve altered my path in a profound way, and you’ve cracked me up with your fabulous sense of humor! The quote i keep hearing her say and that’s ringing through my little brain at just the perfect moments is “Stay the MF course”!????????????????????????

Laura Miner


This is for you if…

If you believe it’s bad to be wealthy – you will not become wealthy, and if you did you would not be HAPPY.

If you believe it’s bad to have a luxury life – you will sabotage.

If you believe you have to over give to be someone of integrity, you will keep over giving and burning yourself out.

If you believe you either have to be Mother Theresa or Kim Kardashian and there is no in-between – you will stay stuck in chaos, overwhelm and confusion.

If you THINK :

  • you are leaving people behind
  • abandoning people
  • hurting others as you shine
  • aren’t allowed to be happy if others aren’t
  • people will dislike you
  • you will be alone
  • success will be a burden
  • feel uncomfortable outshining others.

If you tend to:

  • feel worried, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, angry
  • self criticize
  • criticize others that are shining brightly
  • get jealous
  • deflect compliments
  • cause arguments
  • cycle into getting sick or hurt.

If you:

  • Procrastinate
  • do BS busy work
  • distract self, drink, binge, TV, iPhone
  • engage in unhealthy relationships a little too long

At the beginning of my business, I used to only buy courses. And that served me tremendously, but as I’ve progressed Ive realized the power of one on one coaching.
I joined Diamond Mastermind (Mandy’s Inner Circle) and so I received the Happy and Wealthy with Mandy Perry March 2021 program along with the 1:1 coaching with Mandy Perry.
What I LOVE is having the structure of a course but also the ability to take any questions, realizations, issues, and breakthroughs to the course creator and work through those things 1:1 as well.
I LOVE business coaching, but as some of you (who are ahead of me) might already understand – it’s not just about business. You are your business so the majority of “issues” you have are going to reflect back onto your business.
This isn’t just about business, this is about healing who you are as a person.
When you flourish, your business will flourish as a byproduct #naturally ????????????

Terra McGee


Then This Is For You

The savvy person gets that you don’t get to be entitled and get all the rewards.

There is no SKIPPING the work and being happy, wealthy, free and changing the world. 

This is a journey of BECOMING the person it took to have this life. 

THIS IS THE WORK… it’s work but it is fun as hell and worth every single second. 

THIS IS A GOOD LIFE, and I’m excited to do it with YOU!

Good morning, peeps!!! Happy Monday!! How excited are you about this new day? New week? How can you make starting this new week feel easy and good?? ????????‍♀️ This is the game I’ve been playing for the last 30 (plus a couple days) with on of my amazing mentors, Mandy Perry, in her 30 day Happy & Wealthy group!! ???????????? The experience of doing life with these badass people has boosted my confidence and made me feel supported in a way that has been lacking in recent years. The feeling of doing life with people who see me, understand and uplift me, all the while calling me on my shit and seeing the possibility of greatness in me that I sometimes forget exists has been nothing short of miraculous. ???????????? I feel lighter, more connected to myself and the world. I’m feeling more peaceful and a sense of awe. My new mantra is, “How can this be easy?” ???????? I’ve been on a self-growth & exploration journey for years, but I gotta say, this time I feel like I found my people, too. Thank you, Mandy….from the bottom of my heart I am grateful for all the wisdom and light iou bring to the world. You are truly a blessing to those who’s lives you touch! Love you, sister….really do! ????????????

Amanda Valpey


This past year has been crazy to say the least. Between the election and the huge divide it caused, coronavirus and not being able to spend time with family, the whole world started to feel like it was falling apart ( I know I’m not alone in this). I was in a really bad place, trying to be a mom and a wife while I was struggling was so hard just to keep myself going. I started doing alot of inner work on myself, best thing I have ever done by the way!

I started focusing on the positive in my life instead of all the negative that seemed to surround me. I started finding new ways to cope and get me out of this nightmare I felt like I was living over and over. I decided to take a leap and took a course and was recently certified for Reiki 1&2 ( more to come with this soon! ????❤️). Then I decided to take a Happy & Wealthy course with none other than Mandy Perry ! Best decision ever, this girl knows her stuff, and being part of this course has been huge for me! She has helped me in so many ways!! If you are looking to get yourself out of a rut and you just feel stuck and helpless, check her out! She’s amazing! ❤️

Mandy Medina

You Can Be Rich & A Good Person

Let’s talk – heart to heart.

The other day my daughter sat down and said “Mommy.. I feel like I am spoiled.” as she looked down at the floor in shame.

My heart broke as the anger started to flow through my veins as well… recognizing the beginning of what I see so many adults struggle with.


I replied… “Oh honey, spoiled kids don’t worry that they are spoiled.”

She pulled her head up and looked at me with curiosity.. I continued as I let her process..

“It’s ok to have life just keep getting better and better and better… that’s how it’s meant to be. It’s never bad to be happy and have an amazing, wonderful, full life.”

I saw her energy shift – but the moment of recognition hadn’t happened… so I continued..

“Spoiled kids don’t care if they are spoiled.. they don’t ask to make sure they aren’t. You ask because you care about being the best you can be and that means you are being the best you can be.”

I saw the light bulb go on and she grinned hugged me and frolicked off.

Now sister – I cannot go back to when you were 8 and people made you feel like you needed to be smaller, have less, take up less space, comply, be good, over give, etc etc


xo M  

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