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Why I’m Never Embarrassed About The F** Up Things In My Life…

Trigger warning!
(And why I feel worthy to lead and receive ANYWAYS)
A lot of people see me online and feel like. “Oh, this must be so easy for you Mandy.”
I know because they tell me they think that lol…
Let’s look at real life over the last 3 years…

Daring To Be The One Who Heals The Next Generation…

I’ve been wanting to share this moment for a while…
This will only make sense to a small population of humans…
But for you select few… I think this will bring deep, powerful emotions to the surface for you.

I Completely Lost My Sh** And It Was The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened

(And how my lover expanded exponentially to hold the space as I kicked and screamed…. It’s no small feat to hold space for an angry & powerful woman…)
I have been working through the reality of this physical world…
My physical body and its wellness and fitness matter. A LOT. How I do human matters, a lot.

How Good Can You Let It Get????
How Good Can You Let It Get????

Wow… I bawled today. Hyperventilated for two hours.
Talked to some gf’s … and then ran my training.
Then bawled for another hour and then made some power moves.
And now I feel the relief on the other side.
I feel ok.
I feel proud of myself for having wired in the ability to show up and serve when I am hurting.

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Saying Goodbye
Saying Goodbye

THE 10 best things I’ve learned to heal my heart…
Today was straight-up heartbreak and a lot of love and support from friends.
Today I said goodbye to someone I love deeply. And I did it out of love.

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