Money Mastery

Reveal the thinking holding you back from generating wealth

Maybe for a moment you forgot the fierce warrior inside of you that always defies the odds. No exceptions.

This would include DEFYING the story that making a lot of money is HARD & requires your life being consumed and the story that the vision you have of how you show up daily is too hard. 

  • Maybe you are allowing in shit you know damn well you shouldn’t be
  • Maybe you are not showing up how you LONG to
  • Maybe you lost your passion somewhere along the way
  • Maybe you are drinking too much, or bingeing or numbing out with men, sex, Netflix
  • Maybe you feel lost, ungrounded, overwhelmed…
  • Maybe you have created some nice BS stories that justify this behavior… 
  • And maybe you really have just never had someone help you unravel what is going on.


YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS MEANT TO BE… and you have stayed in it to get yourself all the way here, and now I am going to show you what has been happening and how to BREAKTHROUGH it NOW. 

YOU are not the same as everyone else. They have not been through 1/100th of what YOU have been through. They do not know, and will never ever understand the LEVEL of PAIN, and OVERCOMING you have already been through… they will never ever know what it took to get yourself here… 

You haven’t come this far to only come this far

This Is For You If…

  • Feel frustrated that you can’t get yourself to do what you know you need to do to have what you want.
  • Hold back because you believe you have to work 10x harder in order to make the $ you desire and you are already working too hard.
  • Feel like your own thinking holds you back.
  • Believe that making $ is hard.
  • Are holding back because you feel you aren’t good enough yet. 
  • Desire the ability to make $ on command 
  • Feel confused as to why you can’t just buck up and get the job done. 
Channel Bag

Because you deserve this

You have had to MOVE DAMN MOUNTAINS every single time you take a step, because you do the work to heal your old wounds as you grow…and given the amount of wounds you have had- It’s a friggin’ miracle you are here now.

But you have always defied the odds.

I see you. I SEE YOU. 

And I know you are capable of 1000000x what you have been showing up for, and I’m about to prove this to you.

You have barely gotten warmed up, but you are ready now.  

You have been waiting for this moment right here. 

You have been training all your life for this moment right there, right now…

And what if this moment right here is the moment that changes EVERYTHING.

Celebrating 10 women in my upcoming program so far & I just sold a $10k coaching package. Omg!!!! Thank you universe!!!! I’m so deeply grateful!!! More please!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amiee Boswinkle

The Reality Check

What if this moment right now is the moment it all took off?

The moment all your dreams began to develop and take fruition… 

What if everything you ever dreamed would be real BECOMES REAL, and this was the changing moment right here?

What if it is all SO MUCH easier than you ever anticipated? 

What if everything you have gone through up until now, was all to get you here to this moment to make this decision to FULLY back yourself to launch to the stratospheres and make the world better for others?  

We are going to GO STRAIGHT at the BS holding you back, and you will know how to see it yourself from here forward.

I have figured out how to ACTUALLY untangle the deep things that were holding me back, and create $1.4 million in 3 short years with nothing but an iPhone and a heart of an overcomer… and now it’s my HONOR to walk this out with YOU.

I am known for 2 things, making money incredibly fast NOW from where you are at and saying ALL the things. This program is specifically teaching you what is BEHIND making the $ NOW. It is just a skill and everything is learnable. 

  • Just do the damn thing, they said.
  • Just MF decide! they said.
  • Just show the fk up! they said
  • Just manifest it all – they said.
  • Just follow your desire – they said.
  • Just heal your trauma with interventions – they said 

Only, it wasn’t WORKING for me… UNTIL I FINALLY WENT DEEP INSIDE… And saw the missing piece.. (I learned how to ask myself the questions that got me the answers to WHY I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do.) I don’t know why no one is talking about this or why no one has figured out that this whole -manifest by just deciding-  doesn’t work all the time… as always THERE IS WORK TO DO… it’s easy work, but it must BE DONE, or else we do not get the reward. #commonsense 

You do not need a damn intervention to fix this, but most of the time you also cannot just simply DECIDE. There is a middle ground that seems very uncommon. #butigotyou

My goal when we started here was to make $6k in 30 days. Today, 30 days later, I have brought in $7,128.35!!! Yay! The 100 ways to make money fast list works!!! ????
Julie Hutsell-Starling

What You’ll Learn

  1. Mastering YOUR distorted thinking so that you FOLLOW THROUGH.
  2. Making money NOW (Like actually right now, and how to ALWAYS know how to do this.. This is my GREATEST gift)  Understand why you haven’t been able to hit your biggest numbers yet.
  3. Understanding how to navigate your mischief behavior, why you don’t keep your word to yourself, what is REALLY actually happening, and HOW to overcome it. (This will help you in every single other area of life as well.)
  4. Knowing how to ACTUALLY tap into the wisest part of you so that you create the results you desire. 
  5. Understanding and clearly seeing WHY it wasn’t working before.. (NO IT’S NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY or broken!!!) But yes. It is because of all of the things you have been through and have been taught. GAHHHH I wish the whole world could do this training!!! WE ALL DESERVE TO TRULY KNOW THIS. 
  6. MASTERING YOU. Who YOU are, WHY you do what you do, WHY you want what you want and WHY you are here. This is your motivation formula. 
Celebrating my new client $24k ✨???? Thank you Universe, for pulling her to show up at this level ❤️more of this please ????
Simona Lee Spark

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