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The number one thing holding all clients back when they come to me is fear. Even when they don’t realize that it is fear. It is.

Fear of riches

Fear of failure

Fear of humiliation

Feeling like they can’t handle all of it

Feeling like it’s complicated

Fear of disappointment

Not knowing how to manage all the emotions

Life feeling overwhelming

Feeling that living their purpose is a burden

Not creating what comes through them to create


Non-attachment is a SUPER POWER for life, for wealth, for business…

Most people don’t realize that building a successful business is spiritual growth. They are not separate. They are one in the same because..

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are being when you do it.

This workshop is going to show you how to use your spiritual non-attachment super power to fuel your business. 


>> How to use your business to fuel you rather than drain you

>> How to follow through with your personal commitments like a boss with ease and flow

>> How to stop suffering so much and allow your dreams to flow freely


Your purpose is your greatest teacher and mentor, if you understand what I will be teaching in this workshop. 


I’ve got you.
We’ve got this.


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